Effective Noise Reduction for your Office or Home

Imagine a world where your home or business is an oasis of tranquillity, a sanctuary from the relentless noise and chaos of the outside world. In this haven, you can focus on what truly matters in life, undisturbed by the cacophony that often surrounds us. Noise reduction, more serenity, less clutter, and more peace – these are the promises of the Ultimate Shutter.

The ultimate shutter isn’t just your average window covering; it’s a game-changer when it comes to creating a peaceful and serene environment. Have you ever found yourself distracted by the constant hum of passing traffic or the incessant barking of your neighbour’s pets? With our revolutionary shutter, these disturbances can become nothing more than distant memories, thanks to its exceptional sound reduction capabilities.

The claim of an 80% reduction in noise isn’t just a random number we plucked out of thin air. It’s a result of rigorous testing conducted on our own shutter products, a testament to their effectiveness in blocking out the outside world. However, it’s essential to understand that while soundproof roller shutters significantly reduce noise, they can’t entirely eliminate sounds that find their way into your home through other avenues.

To achieve optimum noise reduction, a proper installation is crucial. This involves applying silicone sealant between the head box and guides and the wall. This sealing process ensures that there are no pesky air gaps that would allow sound to sneak in. Without this careful installation, the noise reduction benefits of the roller shutter may not be fully realized.

The noise reduction percentages Ultimate Shutter advertise are based on measured reductions in decibels, validated through university testing. To put it into perspective, a 10-decibel reduction equates to a 50% reduction in perceived noise. With our energy-saving window roller shutters, you can enjoy up to an astonishing 80% reduction in noise. That’s 80% less of the outside world clamouring for your attention, giving you the peace and focus you deserve.

But what if you’re interested in internal roller shutters? The good news is that you can enjoy the same impressive noise reduction benefits as our standard energy-saving window roller shutters. Whether it’s external or internal, the Ultimate Shutter remains true to its promise of providing up to 80% noise reduction, creating an environment where serenity reigns supreme.

Imagine the possibilities of a quieter home or a more focused workspace. With the Ultimate Shutter, you don’t have to imagine any longer – you can experience it firsthand. It’s a world where noisy neighbours, traffic jams, and the clamour of the outside world fade into obscurity. It’s a world where your peace of mind is paramount, where you can concentrate on what truly matters in life without the constant disruptions that often assail us.

The Ultimate Shutter is more than just a window covering; it’s a gateway to a quieter, more serene existence. Its sound reduction capabilities are grounded in science, tested and proven to deliver up to 80% noise reduction. Whether you choose our external energy-saving window roller shutters or opt for the internal roller shutters, the promise remains the same – a life less cluttered by noise and more enriched by peace. So why wait? Transform your home or business into a haven of tranquility with the Ultimate Shutter and unlock the potential for greater focus, productivity, and well-being.