Different Types Of Pillow Cases To Know


Looking for the perfect and best-quality pillowcases to add a decorative flair to your bed? This guide to the different pillow cover types in terms of comfort, functionality, and, most importantly, will cover the designs. Pillow cases do more justice than just cover and protect your pillows and skin from stains, dust, and dirt. Furthermore, we all love headrests that have an appealing and luxurious-looking design with comfort as the top-notch priority.

Having the best-looking design and cozy pillow cover adds an attractive element to your complete bedding set. Not only this, but it’ll also make you feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time you’re asleep. There are various types available in the market with their own advantage in terms of designs, materials, and look. Understanding the different types available is vital to make a purchase of the best design from the right place.

Not all covers come in the same design. So, let’s see the different pillow cover types available in the market for your purchase decision journey.

Must-Know Pillow Cases Design Types

Cotton Pillowcase:

Starting with the most popular and commonly used pillow cover for good reasons in bedding is cotton. There are many features and benefits of using cotton, making it the most preferred and a perfect choice for bedding sets. Cotton is a natural fabric that comes in various thread counts making it durable, soft, and absorbent guaranteeing the best sound sleep.

No matter the season, this soft fabric is comfortable. Also, it is breathable and even stays warm in winter and cool in summer. It comes in different varieties and one of the best cotton varieties is Egyptian cotton. Though this cotton type is the most expensive one, the comfort is worth the extra price. In addition, using a pillow cover made of Egyptian cotton will make your cases last longer than usual.

Bag Style Design:

The best that anyone remembers from their childhood of a night ever spent at the hotel is those squishy pillows. Absolutely, you’ll agree. We all love the bedding sets of hotels and other hospitality establishments including mattresses, pillows quality, and aesthetic-looking bedding designs. These include attractive bed sheets, headrest covers, and much more. Besides being eye-pleasing, it is also comfortable and most liked by individuals.

Additionally, the bag style pillowcases are easy to use and come with an opening on one side making it easy to insert the headrest. While these headrest cover types are predominantly popular in hospitality establishments, these are increasingly getting popular in the home markets. Undoubtedly, these are one of the best pillow case designs in the market requiring low maintenance.

Oxford Design:

Oxford designs are light, soft, shiny, and made using oxford cloth. Placing a decorative frilled oxford pillow cases around the bedding set adds an extra attractive element to the luxurious bedding look. These are commonly known as oxford mock pillowcases. The edges of this cover design are encircled with a wide border of approximately two inches.

Furthermore, the opening of the pillow cover is designed elegantly, covered in an envelope style with a flap. Remember that these headrest cover designs are quite more difficult to change, making it a big no for everyday use. Although, if it meets your requirement checklist, look no further and get this design yours.

Housewife Style Design:

Next on our list is a housewife-style pillowcase design. This is the most popular and commonly used pillowcases design that can be found easily in every home. It is cost-effective and you can easily find one in your house bedding sets. Furthermore, it is best recognized as one side of the cover is sewn shut, and the other side has a wide opening to fit the pillow inside the cover.

Additionally, these are readily available in the market at reasonable prices. You can easily find housewife-style designs in almost every shop that deals in bedding sets. The right design will fit the pillow properly covering it securely from all sides.

Throw Pillow Case Design:

The name itself best describes these cover designs. You would have probably guessed what these designs are for. Throw pillowcases designs are mainly used for throw pillows. Mainly, these are prevalent and available for use with the intent of decoration purposes. No matter the place, you can throw this pillow design anywhere to add a piece of the aesthetic and eye-pleasing look. Also, this design is best suitable for a sofa, bed, couch, or even a chair. Yes, it works for both interior and exterior adding a splash of style to common sitting areas.

The main difference between this design type and others is that these aren’t designed with the intention of encouraging sound sleep. That simply means these pillow designs are great for adding a splash of style but, not the best for daily sleep use. At night, we all tend to sweat and throw pillowcases lack at soaking sweat and oil produced while we’re asleep. However, these bolster designs can still protect your pillows from dirt and dust.


These were the most common and popular pillowcases designs available in the market. Each design is characterized by its own texture, quality, look, and comfort. We all love laying off in bed with our faces resting on comfy pillows to feel relaxed after a hectic day. There is nothing best than just hugging our favorite headrest for reassuring ourselves until our senses fall asleep. Hence, selecting the one that best suits your needs will get you the right and best for sound sleep among all. Choose the best pillowcase among all mentioned above that comes easy to you after reading this cover types guide. The choice is all up to you. So, get yourself the ultimate pillowcase that shows off and uplifts your entire bedding set.