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Xiamen University, which was founded in 1921, is one of the top universities study MBBS in China. The institution is one of the most prestigious and selective medical schools in China. This is precisely why Xiamen University is one of the most sought-after MBBS programs in China. Xiamen University is located in the Chinese province of Fujian. The university is a big teaching and research institution with 82 undergraduate programs, 276 graduate programs, and 187 doctoral programs. Approximately 2500 academic staff members and over 40000 students, including 2800 international students, are enrolled in Xiamen University to pursue medical studies in China.

Why does Xiamen University study MBBS in China?

Choosing Xiamen University for admission to Study MBBS in China provides students with the following advantages:

  • Students at Xiamen University receive a high-quality education.
  • In China, Xiamen University boasts affordable tuition fees for MBBS programs.
  • Fantastic libraries with incredible resources
  • cutting-edge laboratories
  • University admission on the spot
  • The language of instruction is English.

MBBS Program at Xiamen University:

A study MBBS in China last six years, including five years of classroom instruction and one year of internship. During classroom studies, students receive both theoretical and practical training, and during the internship, students gain hands-on experience in procedures, surgeries, and all other essential training.

University Characteristics:

Xiamen University has three campuses in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, and Jimei, as well as a large resource center, to ensure that each student receives the highest quality education possible.

The famous faculty contributes to the provision of high-quality education to students pursuing degrees study MBBS in China. With its world-class teaching approaches and outstanding resource center, the university is undoubtedly one of the most popular MBBS study destinations.

Furthermore, its affordable MBBS prices in China provide the necessary incentive for candidates from all over the world, particularly Pakistan students, to choose China MBBS.

Departments and faculties:

Xiamen University has a specialized department for a medicine known as the School of Medicine, where medical studies for the study MBBS in China are done. The following are the departments at Xiamen University:

  • Basic Medicine Department
  • Clinical Medicine Department
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Department
  • Nursing Department Ophthalmology and Visual Science Department

Students from Pakistan:

Xiamen University is not just a popular choice for Pakistan students seeking MBBS degrees in China, but it is also a popular choice for international students seeking MBBS abroad. Every year, an increasing number of IPakistan students enrol in study MBBS in China.

University Student Life:

Student life at Xiamen University is one to remember. There is a right balance of study, fun, and enjoyment. Furthermore, the faculty members at the university are simply outstanding, making living at College study MBBS in China even better for the students.

Documentation is required:

According to the university’s standards, the following documents are necessary for study MBBS in China at Xiamen University:

  • Passport-size pictures are required for the application form.
  • Class 11 and 12 mark sheets from the respective boards of education Certificates from the relevant boards of education
  • Certificate of Completion of High School
  • a scanned copy of a valid passport with an image
  • Certificates demonstrating participation in extracurricular activities, if applicable
  • All documents must be authenticated and notarized by the appropriate authorities.

The following documents are require for the visa application to be processed:

  • Valid passport of the applicant
  • Recent passport-sized color pictures
  • Form for requesting a visa
  • The JW2O2 form is also require in the original when traveling to China.
  • The university has issued a letter of admission.
  • Form for physical examination or health check-up

Eligibility for the MBBS program at Xiamen University

Medical school in China The following individuals are eligible for an MBBS seat at Xiamen University in China:

  • The top and lowest age limits for studying MBBSin China at Xiamen University are 25 and 17, respectively.
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Biology should be studied at the Plus 2 level by applicants planning to study in China.
  • In all three of the aforementioned disciplines, 70 percent or above is required.
  • To study medicine in China, you must have two years of study experience in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Applicants must pass the NEET with qualifying scores.
  • A TOEFL or IELTS score is required.
  • English fluency is essential for freely communicating in English.

Xiamen University’s MBBS Admission Procedure

Admission to Chinese medical universities is a simple process that can be completed quickly by following the stages outlined below:

  • Filling out the application for studying medicine in China is the first step in the admissions process at Xiamen University. Students must also submit their documents in the format prescribed by the university.
  • Application, admission, and processing costs must all paid. The application and admission fees must paid in advance, however, the processing fees can be remitte to either China or Pakistan, whichever comes first.
  • After paying the fees, candidates should expect to get an official photocopy of their admission letter from the institution within seven to ten business days.
  • The documents will then sent to China’s Ministry of Education for processing. This is critical for the issuing of the JW2O2 form, which is require by the Chinese Embassy to process the student visa for admission to study MBBS in China.
  • The procedure of admission to MBBS overseas in China is complete when the letter of admission and the issue of the Chinese visa takes around a month.

Why Study MBBS in China?

In the previous two decades, the country has seen extraordinary progress in the education sector. Today, China is a popular destination for MBBS programs. Students from several countries visit China to study medicine at medical universities.Pakistan students compete for admission to MBBS programs at NMC-approved universities in China. The opportunities for advancement in life for medical graduates from the country are infinite. Some of the most significant advantages in China are as follows:

Study MBBS in China

  • No entry examinations: it relieves students of the stress of preparing for entrance examinations before admission to any university.
  • There is no possibility for gifts or capitation: colleges firmly adhere to a no capitation charge policy.
  • The university has a reasonable fee structure: Tuition fees kept low to make MBBS education affordable to even low-income students.
  • Low accommodation costs do not bother international students who are concerned about their expenses.
  • Education facilities are simply world-class: modern amenities, highly advanced and modern infrastructure, and 24-hour water and electricity supply are provided for the convenience of students.
  • Safe and healthy environment: The country’s low crime rate and a sense of brotherhood make it safe and suitable for international medical and other course students.
  • In class, the teacher-to-student ratio is: A large proportion of Pakistan students in the MBBS class attend Chinese colleges. It is done to maintain the teacher-to-student ratio. Students receive the attention they require to better understand the medical course material.
  • Free Coaching for the NMC Screening Test: Some Chinese colleges provide free coaching for the National Medical Commission Screening Test to students who seek to return to Pakistan for medical practice after completing their MBBS studies in China.
  • Exposure to international culture: Because students from various countries come together for medical education at universities in China, students learn about various cultures. You will have the opportunity to interact with kids from other cultures.
  • Learn Chinese: During the summer, major colleges in China offer a variety of language programs. Students can also choose between short and long-term Chinese language courses, which will help them settle in China and engage with patients from all over the world who are fluent in Chinese.