10 Best Wusthof Knives to Help You Cut Like a Pro

Knives play an important role in cooking and being able to chop vegetables well will make your cooking much easier

Knives are a must for any kitchen or chef, but finding the right knife can be a nightmare. In this article, I have compiled a list of the ten best Wusthof knives to help you cut like a pro.

Knives play an important role in cooking and being able to chop vegetables well will make your cooking much easier. Cooking with good knives is also more fun than bad knives so take your time when choosing one so that it lasts you years. Not only should they feel nice when you hold them but they should look great too! These Wusthof knives fit all of these requirements perfectly and if you haven’t got yourself some then these are the ones to get your hand on!

1)       8″ Classic Chef’s Knife

Starting off this list is the 8″ Classic Chef’s Knife which is an all-rounder knife that will be perfect for most kitchen tasks. It has a wide blade and comes with a rounded tip to prevent you from accidentally sticking yourself while chopping away!  It also has a full tang which means the metal of the blade runs right through the handle so it’s very durable and won’t fall apart anytime soon. If you’re after a good, cheap yet effective knife then this is definitely one for you!

2)       Wusthof 8 Inch Bread Knife

Now onto my favorite on this list so far, the Wusthof 8 Inch Bread Knife! Now I’m a self-confessed bread lover, I love it toasted with butter, in sandwiches, crumbled up in soups and just by it! All of these activities require a good knife. This one here is perfect for slicing through even the crustiest loaf without much effort. It also has that full tang design that gives it extra strength meaning it won’t snap when you’re doing some serious chopping.

3)       Wusthof 9″ Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife

The Wusthof 9″ Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife is good for when you have something big to cut up! The serration on this blade makes cutting meat much easier as well so if you’re after a quality carving knife then look no further. It also has a full tang meaning it’s very strong and will last you a long time.

4)       Wusthof 8 Inch Bread Knife with Granton Edge

Now, this is another knife I can’t get enough of! The  Wusthof 8 Inch Bread Knife with Granton edge is basically the same as number two but it has an added feature, the Granton edge! This means that not only do you get the perfect blade for slicing bread but it will be even easier than before to cut through all types of vegetables too. It’s slightly more expensive than number two so if your budget wouldn’t stretch then stick to that 🙂

5)       6″ Boning Knife

The Wusthof 6″ Boning Knife is a great choice for any kitchen, but it really shines when you need to cut up small pieces of meat. The Granton edge on this knife makes sure there are no dull spots and the lack in weight means that even delicate work can be done easily with one hand while holding onto something else – like your oven mitt!

6)       Wusthof 9″ Classic Cooks Knife (Parer/Utility/Bread Knife Combo Edge)

This is a multipurpose knife with three different blades in one! Personally, I think this is quite irresponsible because if they came off while cutting it could cause some serious damage which is why I don’t like them but if you prefer them then go ahead and buy number six, they’re still good knives! The only difference between numbers five and six is that this one here doesn’t come with the Granton edge which is why it’s cheaper, but I would definitely recommend getting a knife with that on to maximize its usefulness!

7)       Wusthof 3 Piece Set of Steak Knives

Steak knives are just as important as regular kitchen knives and if your going to get some then this three-piece set is perfect. It comes with a 4″ parer, a 6″ Utility Knife and an 8″ Cooks Knife so you have all bases covered! The blades come in high carbon steel which means they stay sharp for longer than usual. This also means they need to be washed by hand so they aren’t ruined when put in the dishwasher.

8)       10 Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife

The Wusthof 10 Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife is the big brother of number two and is perfect for cutting up that Sunday roast. It has a very strong blade and the Granton edge which makes carving so much easier. The only downside to this knife would be that it’s quite expensive and you might not need something as big as this!

9)       Wusthof 8″ Classic Chef’s Knife with Hollow-Ground Blade

This here is another good all-rounder; I particularly love it because it comes with a rounded tip which means fewer accidents while chopping away at those vegetables! It also has a flat side on the back which can be used as a second guide when cutting up food. It comes with a full tang, high carbon steel blade which means it will rust if washed in the dishwasher but it is very sharp and hard-wearing so you’ll probably never need to replace it!

10)       Wusthof 5″ Utility Knife

This  Wusthof 5″ Utility Knife is perfect for when you just want something small to chop up some herbs or cut open the top of your avocado without losing too much inside! It also has that Granton edge feature so whatever knife you choose from now on remember that’s what makes them unique!

How to properly take care of your Wusthof knives so they last a lifetime

Keeping your knives in good shape is all about what you don’t do. No, I’m not being contrary for the sake of it – following a few simple rules will vastly increase the amount of time that passes before you have to buy new ones.

These are simple rules to follow, but they are by no means obvious. How many times have you heard somebody say “don’t put that in the dishwasher!” when talking about good kitchen knives? And how many times have you seen somebody loading their Wusthof or Henckels into the dishwasher without a second thought? If you do these things with your knives, they will wear out quickly and need replacing much sooner than necessary. But if you know better, ask yourself how many of your knives are still in decent shape after decades of use.


The first rule is about the maintenance you do before any use. Wusthof knives all come with a small plastic or metal tab attached to the blade near the handle. Removing this will help prevent rusting and pitting, which take place when water gets trapped between the blade and the strip. Even if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to one of their high-end.

Place knives in block

For me, it’s also important not to store them loosely in drawers. If you spend a lot of time searching for the right tool, this might seem like an attractive option, but it’s always better to keep them protected in a proper knife block or at least on a magnetic strip. It takes up less space and means that your knives are less likely to get chipped – not something I’ve ever done myself, but it’s happened often enough that I’m taking action before it does.

After use

After using them is when the really important part begins. Wusthof recommends running their blades under hot water after each use, which by all accounts is excellent advice if you want to prolong the sharpness of your knives. The same goes for drying off with kitchen roll or cloths – anything that doesn’t leave any particles behind that might cause tiny imperfections in the blade as it goes through food. I have been known to rub a spot of vegetable oil over the blades after drying them, which helps keep them from rusting and makes for easier cleaning next time.

Wusthof recommends against putting their knives into dishwashers, but saving water is an important consideration these days. If you really don’t want to hand wash your cutlery – or if you’re not confident doing it yourself – look for a machine with a specific knife-cleaning cycle. But make sure to do this separately from dishes and other kitchen utensils that might be abrasive on the blade itself.

Invest on cutting board

Another way that you can prolong the life of your knives is to invest in a quality wood or plastic cutting board. Don’t use glass, stone, and granite, metal or marble ones as they will not only damage the blades but also dull them quickly if you value sharpness over durability. Once again, these are things that you might think I’m making up for the sake of it – but none of this is new information!

Final Words

Whether you’re a home cook who wants to take their skills up a notch or is looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, we hope this list of Wusthof knives has something for you. If you need help deciding which knife is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us – we would be happy to help. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our other posts on everything from kitchen essentials to how to chop an onion like a pro. Thanks for reading!