Why You Shouldn’t Use the Word “Click Here Now” in Link Text

If you use the word ‘click here now‘ to link to a page on your site, it’s a big no-no. Even the W3C advises against using this term. In this article we’ll show you why, and explain why you should use a clickable hyperlink instead.

W3C advises against using ‘click here’

The W3C advises against using the phrase “click here now” in link text. In fact, this is not the best way to achieve an effective Call to Action (CTA). Instead, the phrase should be used in conjunction with other relevant verbs.

One of the most important aspects of a good CTA statement is the directive. It should be clear to the user where they should go when clicking the link. While some people may think the phrase ‘click here now’ is a logical choice, it’s not.

A more intelligent use of this word would be ‘get it now’. This will allow users to act immediately after reading about the link. On top of that, it will also improve the page’s SEO.

Another example is ‘download now’. Some designers and even Google itself recommend using descriptive words in links. These words help search engines determine what the link is about. Using a generic link will also lessen the value of your site.

Screen readers will read your web page aloud

Screen readers are a type of assistive technology designed to help people with visual impairments, reading disorders, and cognitive disabilities to interact with digital content. They translate computer text into speech. This can be accomplished by utilizing specific key commands.

While they are designed for blind and partially-sighted people, screen readers are used by many other types of people, including dyslexic individuals and people with learning disabilities. To use a screen reader, you will need to learn the language that the device uses.

Many people choose to install a screen reader because they find it useful for navigation and communication. These devices can read texts on touchscreens and can also be used with text-to-speech output devices.

Although screen readers can be used by anyone, it is especially beneficial for partially-sighted and blind people. The devices can help these individuals navigate the Internet and the world of digital content.

Screen readers work with the operating system, browser, and other common apps. There are several types of screen readers, including NVDA and VoiceOver. NVDA is free and works on both Windows and Mac OS. It is also compatible with braille displays.

EngageTelluride site

The Telluride Colorado tourism board has tapped Genesis to help them build brand awareness. One of their projects involves a spiffy new center for the arts. This is a big step forward for a town that has been at the forefront of showcasing the arts since the advent of the mountain vlogger.

They also commissioned a new website, which showcases a number of innovative new offerings including the town’s first-ever eCommerce shop. In addition, the site boasts a number of intriguing new programs aimed at helping locals and tourists alike make the most of their time in the Rocky Mountains. Of course, the town has always had a vibrant arts scene, but the recent influx of talent has accelerated the rate of innovation. During the last two years, the Telluride Arts District has seen a significant expansion of its programming and facilities. A recent survey of visitors to the district showed that many are aspiring to become artists.

Devon Welsh’s new album

If you’re a fan of Devon Welsh’s former band Majical Cloudz, you may have heard that the singer has a new album coming out. It’s called Dream Songs, and it’s out on 24 August. The album features a handful of songs that have previously been released as singles.

While Welsh hasn’t lost his knack for melody, the album also draws on more organic elements. For example, he has used a plucked guitar instead of a traditional percussion instrument.

On the album, Welsh explores the complexities of love and separation. Songs like “Summer’s End” and “Grace” focus on nostalgia and childlike optimism. Meanwhile, “Dreamers” is a song about believing in the power of music.

The first single, “By the Daylight,” is a somber, string-heavy track. “Dreams Have Pushed You Around,” meanwhile, is an elegant piano piece.

Whether he’s singing in a minimalistic style or in a passionate, slam poetry style, Welsh’s vocals are a powerful force. Throughout his music, he’s able to convey honesty in his lyrics.