Why Wedding Guest Books Are A Must-Have

Why Wedding Guest Books Are A Must-Have

From Signatures To Memories

It’s the little details that help to make the biggest impact, when you’re planning your wedding day. Having beautiful personalised wedding guest books available, for family and friends to express their joy and happiness, adds an extra special something to your nuptials.

While traditional wedding etiquette doesn’t state that it’s mandatory to have a book that guests can write customised messages and signatures in, it’s a charming custom that supports the making of happy memories.

What is a wedding guest book?

Not all couples tying the knot opt to include an elegant wedding guest book in their wedding stationery budget. A wedding guest book is a hardcover tome containing blank pages waiting to collect the best wishes of every person in attendance at your celebration.

Just like a beautiful wedding photo album, the guest book is designed to collect and display memories of the happiest day of your life, but in a handwritten format.

Creating happy memories

Every couple that’s committed to exchanging wedding vows deserves to have a dream day from start to finish. Although a luxury guest book may initially seem like an extravagant accessory, it’s a valuable tool that helps to capture the fun, romance, love and spirit of the occasion.

The guest book invites your family and friends to express their delight at the fact that you and your beloved have finally come together in matrimony. The book’s blank pages offer plenty of space for loved ones to handwrite heartfelt messages, sincere statements, love quotes and funny jokes.

Looking back at your wedding day and enjoying memories immortalized in print is a lovely experience. The content of your guest book will evoke happy memories of the big day throughout your married life. It can help you and your spouse reminisce during the good times, and inspire you to keep putting in the effort when things aren’t quite so great in your relationship.

Choosing personalised wedding guest books

Although personalised wedding guest books are considered a must-have accessory for your big day, not all of them are created equal. Choosing the perfect guest book for your wedding doesn’t have to be a chore, provided that you consider your budget, the wedding theme and colour scheme, and your personal taste.

There are guest books to suit all budgets. You can choose a journal style guest book featuring a plain hardback cover and blank pages, or you can make a statement with a premium fabric covered book that beautifully complements your wedding stationery suite and décor colour palette. You can further personalise the luxury must-have wedding accessory with foil stamping on the cover and creative artwork. If you have a flexible or unlimited budget, you can wow your guests with a book that shows off a variety of artisanal accents.

The size of your wedding will dictate how many pages your guest book should have. If you’re planning a large-scale wedding, it’s best to have multiple wedding guest books laid out on a table, to collect best wishes.

No matter how much you spend on a personalized wedding guest book, the most important thing is to provide your VIP guests with blank pages where they can leave their unique impressions and signatures.

A keepsake to treasure for years

Your guests can fill a luxury wedding guest book from cover to cover with their favorite memories of your wedding day, creating a precious keepsake that you can treasure throughout your married life.

Many couples choose to wait, until their first wedding anniversary rolls around, to open up the pages of their guest book and to read the handwritten comments of family and friends for the very first time. You can repeat celebrating a happy occasion with your spouse in a lovely and romantic way with each passing anniversary.

The wedding guest book keepsake is much more than a collection of your guests’ signatures. You and your partner will love spending hours thumbing through the pages of your customised guest book, and reading all of the touching heartfelt notes. You may also find that some of your friends have offered marriage advice, or they’ve written amusing personalised comments, anecdotes and jokes that encourage you to have a laugh as you reminisce about the past. 

How to use a wedding guest book

On the happiest day of your life, it can be a challenge to socialise with every guest at your wedding ceremony and reception. Guest books create the perfect opportunity for your family and friends to convey words of wisdom that they may not have a chance to tell you in person.

Generally, wedding reception tables near the entrance feature the wedding guest book. If this location isn’t ideal, it’s acceptable to position the customisable guest book elsewhere. Just make sure to lay the book out somewhere that is easy to locate.

Although the wedding hosts invite guests to sign the wedding guest book upon their arrival, many prefer to postpone writing in it until after the reception is in full swing. To ensure that you collect a comment from every guest, it’s an excellent idea to nominate a trusted friend as your wedding influencer. It’s their job to encourage and remind all guests to sign your stylish personalised wedding guest books, so that you have a prized keepsake to treasure forever.