Why Evelyn Ha Is A Famous TikToker?

Evelyn Ha

Evelyn Ha is an American social networking celebrity, best known for her TikTok videos. Evelyn’s lip-sync and comedy videos have brought her over 2.3 million fans on her behalf TikTok (hjevelyn) account.

She is also a celebrated icon on Instagram, with over 267k followers on her behalf account, hjevelyn

Evelyn often collaborates with her sisters, Emily and Erica, that are also popular TikTok stars themselves. She also has a YouTube channel (HJ Evelyn) with over 586k subscribers.

Evelyn Ha popularly call HJ Evelyn hj evelyn is an American Tiktoker, YouTuber, and internet personality. She gained popularity as part of Sister Trio the Ha sister who share their lifestyle on YouTube on her behalf personal YouTube channel HJ Evelyn. She also does personal vlogs where she shares her life.

Evelyn Ha has amassed a sizable YouTube following. On November 20, 2012, she joined the platform. On her behalf channel, Ha primarily posts vlogs and challenges. She’s also famous on Instagram, where she posts pictures of herself modeling and going about her daily life.

Evelyn Ha: Biography

She was create in the United States and raised there. She is the initial of three children in her family. Evelyn grew up with her two sisters, Erica and Emily.

Even though her parent’s identities are unknown, she’s stated they are very supportive of her career.

She has featured her parents on YouTube and TikTok on a few occasions.

She is from an earnest Christian family. Evelyn is of Korean-American origin.

Evelyn Ha Family 

She was created in the United States, on April 17, 1999, and currently, she is living with her family in the United States.

Ha follows Christianity and she was created in a Christian Family.

She has two sisters named how old is emily ha sisters Emily and Erica.

Evelyn Ha: Age, Height, and Weight

Evelyn Ha was created on 15 April 1999 and she is 23 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 m) tall and weighs 49 kg (108 lbs).

Evelyn Ha: Career

She is just a student at the Manhattan School of Music. Evelyn Ha’s college is a private institution in New York, located at 130 Claremont Ave. She’s studying Musical Arts.

Evelyn rose to prominence by posting videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

She rose to prominence through her vlogs, challenges, and pranks. In the majority of her videos, she works together with her sisters.

She join YouTube on November 20, 2012. She did not, however, post anything on the channel until 2019.

Ha’s YouTube channel features vlogs and challenges. The YouTube sensation has a sizable following on her behalf channel. She now has significantly more than 1.54 million subscribers.

Ha has also amassed a sizable TikTok following. On April 5, 2020, she post her first TikTok video. On her behalf TikTok page, she’s over 2.5 million followers.


The TikTok star’s content includes everything from lip-syncs and dance videos to vlogs. She has worked with other TikTok stars, including My Name Isn’t Fred.

Her Instagram account has significantly more than 637 thousand followers. She posts nearly all of her modeling photos on Instagram and promotes her merchandise on the platform.

Evelyn began her career as a YouTuber in 2019, by posting challenges and prank videos on her behalf self-titled YouTube channel.

After getting a little fame, she then create a fresh TikTok account in the season of 2020.

She start collaborating with her sisters to make comedy videos and other entertainment content on her behalf “hjevelyn” TikTok account.

She has now amassed over 2 million fans on TikTok, 556k subscribers on YouTube, and an incredible number of followers on Instagram.

Evelyn Ha YouTube

As you know Evelyn Ha can be a famous YouTuber she started her YouTube Journey on Sep 26, 2019, and today she published her first video, although she joined YouTube on Nov 21, 2012.

It’s been almost 3 years on YouTube and mostly she uploads more than 75 videos on YouTube. And at this time she’s more than 585 K Subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Evelyn Ha: Net Worth

Evelyn Ha possesses an estimated net worth of $180,000 by 2023. She has made money through her TikTok and YouTube ventures.

The Ha sisters also have their clothing line and merchandise.

When was Evelyn Ha born?

Evelyn Ha was created on April 15, 1999, in the United States of America. That is where she grew up with her sisters and family studying her Elementary and Senior school education.

What is Evelyn ha famous for?

She gaine popularity as part of Sister Trio the Ha sister who share their lifestyle on YouTube on her behalf personal YouTube channel HJ Evelyn. She also does personal vlogs where she shares her life.

When did Evelyn Ha join YouTube?

HJ Evelyn start her YouTube channel in September 2019 uploading her first video Cancun vlog where she vlogged with her sister about their last days of the 2019 summer.

What is Evelyn’s core Content type on YouTube?

She makes Content on YouTube which are her vlogs where she shares her lifestyle with her sisters. She mainly makes Dance and lip-syncs videos for the short video platform Tik Tok.

What’s with Evelyn Ha and Fred Liu?

Evelyn Ha is friends with popular YouTuber and creator Fred Liu whom they started sharing video appearances in 2020. Both were rumored to be dating after their several videos were shared nevertheless they confirm they certainly were just friends.

Who are the HJ Evelyn sisters?

She is the sister to popular YouTubers Erica Ha and Emily that are also popular YouTubers. They grew up making use of their parents in the United States.