What to Wear: Are you Confused?

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If you are the kind of person who agonizes frequently over your outfit options, what to wear, whenever you have to step out, you are reading the right thing. Whether it’s going to school, work, a luncheon or a party, most of us find it challenging to choose the right outfit from our otherwise flooding wardrobe! Choice paralysis is very common. What is not very common is the aesthetic sense and creativity to pair the right outfit pieces for a particular occasion.

Whether you are struggling with choosing casual or bridal mehndi dresses for women or formal options, this guide will help you sort everything out. Ask yourself these 10 essential questions before stepping out and you will know whether you are appropriately dressed or not!

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking Your Outfits

  1. How Is The Weather Like?
  2. Do I Feel Comfortable?
  3. What Am I Doing/Where Am I Going Today?
  4. How Can I Perk Up My Look?
  5. Do I Want To Stand Out or Blend In?
  6. What Impression Do I Want to Make?
  7. Can I Take the Outerwear Off?
  8. Less or More?
  9. Do I Want To Look Trendy?
  10. Does This Go with My Personal Style?

Let’s explore these, shall we?

How Is The Weather Like?

No, it’s not just the Brits who are obsessed with the weather. But to be honest, it is vital to picking your outfit options. Nothing is worse than feeling all heated up or cold in an outfit. It makes you very uncomfortable and you lose your focus. If it’s windy or chilly and you are headed out for a brisk walk, make sure you wear a warm coat.

If you are vacationing somewhere warm, your hero outfit pieces have to be a sundress or an elegant blouse. Make sure your clothes are weather-appropriate!

Do I Feel Comfortable?

We understand that your priority is looking stylish, especially when it comes to Pakistani wedding dresses. But never comprise on your comfort because both are equally important. Make sure your outfit fits well and is easy breezy. You don’t want to constantly tug your skirt in the middle of a party. Or you don’t want to worry about buttons gaping on your ill-fitted blouse while you are on a date. Even if your shoes look stunning, don’t wear them if they pinch your feet. You will never feel good.

What Am I Doing/Where Am I Going Today?

Obvious! Your plans for the day and the place you are headed to have a big impact on your outfit choices. If it’s a yoga session at the gym, you won’t be wearing those clothes at lunch with friends. You need to feel confident in your selection of clothes to face the challenges of the day with zeal and energy.

Also, considering that our single day consists of several different destinations, it’s wise to keep the outfit flexible.

How Can I Perk Up My Look?

If you think that your look is dull or not very exciting, don’t overcomplicate your outfit. Wear some clever accessorizing, even a tee and jeans can be elevated. Add a pop of color to your outfit by pairing a bright handbag or shoes. Adding a statement jewelry piece such as an intricate choker, a scarf or hat can also do the job. If you have no such options, practice your art in makeup. Wear a slick of dark lipstick or follow a makeup tutorial to create perfect smoky eyes.

Do I Want To Stand Out or Blend In?

This has to do with where you are headed. If it’s a workplace or a conference, it’s good to blend in. But if it’s a dinner, a wedding or a party, flaunting your best piece and standing out from the crowd is totally recommended!

This also has to do with your mood. If you feel introverted, you can wear something to let you blend in effortlessly. If you don’t feel like dressing up, it’s perfectly okay to wear your favorite sweater and jeans.

What Impression Do I Want to Make?

Whether you like it or not, we leave an impression of the clothes, accessories, and shoes we wear. If you didn’t put much thought into picking your outfit and recklessly put on whatever you find, it will show. If it’s a visit to your sibling’s house, maybe you can do that. But if it’s somewhere else, you should look interesting and presentable.

Hone in on the vibe that you want to give out and then choose your outfits!

Can I Take the Outerwear Off?

Don’t take me wrong. I’m a huge fan of coats, jackets, blazers, trench coats, so on and so forth. They are all classy and have a great impact. If there’s a piece that can add instant formality to your outfit, that’s a blazer. But when you reach your destination, you are going to take it off. Therefore, you essentially need to ensure that the outfit looks just right without it.

Less or More?

You are to decide that for yourself. But for winter this year, it is more. Gone are the days when you have to essentially stick to a single, chic, stark dress throughout the day. You can be as much extra as you like. From complicated shoes to gaudy jewelry pieces, flaunt whatever you love.

Do I Want To Be Trendy?

Again, it’s your take. If you are a minimalist and want to stick to your signature “less is more” style, design your wardrobe around it. And if you are extra, then you can sport all the trendy outfit choices and accessories you like. From miniature bags to high sneakers, you can slay any trendy look.

Does This Go with My Personal Style?

Now that you have figured out what your personal style is, you need to ask this question to yourself before you finally step out. Whether you are clad in a casual pret kurta or a tee full of sequins. Just take a good look in the mirror and figure out if it is in tune with your personal style.