Flowers to Plant During Winters

How often do the plants and flowers you took care of all summer die and dry up during the cold winter? It breaks my heart to see the beautiful flowers and shrubs die. Don’t be upset by this. Many flowers bloom well in winter, but you have to take care of them right for them to do well. Plants and shrubs that bloom in the winter can add colour and life to your garden or home, even when it’s cold outside. So, here is a list of the best flowers that will grow well in India during the winter.


Calendulas, which are also called pot marigolds, are one of the best flowers to grow in the winter. These lovely yellow flowers can grow well in both cold weather and direct sunlight. Not only will they add colour to your garden, but they will also make it feel more cosy. You can also put this beautiful winter flower on your balcony, as long as it gets enough light.

What to Do: Calendulas are easy to take care of. You can put the flower directly in your garden or in a flower pot. They need the right amount of water and can be put in the sun, but too much heat can make them wilt. These flowers can’t handle frost, but they do well in cooler weather. You can send flowers to Delhi, Pune, Bangalore or any other city and make your special ones.


Pansies have beautiful flowers that look like butterflies and can grow even in the winter. These flowers come in many bright colours, such as purple, yellow, blue, red, pink, etc., and they can be a great addition to your home garden when it’s cold outside. Even if a flower dies in the cold, the plant stays alive and will grow new flowers. They are easy to take care of and will grow well in plants that cast shade on them. From late summer to early fall, you can plant pansy seeds to have flowers in the winter.

What to Do: Pansies are brightly coloured flowers that bloom in the winter and can even handle a little bit of frost. They do well in soil that drains well. Keep them in the sun during the winter so they can grow.


Lantanas are also popular winter flowers in India, and they don’t need much care. They come in orange, purple, red, and white, among other colours. They can live through the winter, but the plant will grow better if you bring it inside when the temperature drops below freezing. The lantana plant is poisonous and should be kept away from kids and animals.

What to Do: Lantana plants need soil that drains well but stays moist. So, make sure to water them whenever the soil feels dry. Cut off the faded leaves of your Lantanas to make them look more alive. And they don’t need fertiliser either to grow.


Petunias are the most popular winter flowers to plant because they make people happy. People even use the bright colours of the plants as decorations inside their homes. You can put these flowers in your garden, and they are also easy to take care of.

How to Take Care of It: To take care of these lovely flowering plants, water them often. For healthy growth, it’s also best to feed the soil for at least a month.


Snapdragons are another good plant to grow in winter because they do best in cold weather. The flower of this plant looks like a dragon’s mouth, which is why it is called a snapdragon. It’s also known as the Dog plant and Antirrhinum, and it can grow to be anywhere from 6 to 45 inches tall and have flowers of many different colours.

What to Do: If you keep Snapdragons or Antirrhinums in full sunlight, they will bloom better. When you plant the snapdragons, make sure to keep the soil moist for the first few weeks. After that, you only need to water them an inch every week.


Carnations have beautiful, fragrant flowers that do well in winter. They are also called Grenadines or Clove Pinks and come in red, pink, white, and other colours. Did you know that you can eat carnation flowers? Yes, people put their petals on salads, cakes, and other dishes in addition to putting them in bouquets or baskets. Carnations are a good choice if you want colourful plants that grow in the winter. Wherever you put these plants, they will make the area more beautiful.

What to Do: To take care of this winter flower, water the carnation’s soil so that it stays slightly damp all winter. Carnations are indoor plants that can be kept in a sunny spot inside your home when it’s cold outside. You can also send flowers online and make your loved ones feel immensely loved.


Beautiful flowers called phlox grow in the winter. They grow purple, red, white, and other colours of flowers with a light scent. These are yearly plants that bloom for a long time.

What to Do: This flower is very easy to take care of. Phlox can grow in a little or a lot of sun. To thrive, they require at least five hours of daylight. They do well in soil that is moist, has good drainage, and contains organic manure.


Winter flowers can add colour and greenery to your garden, balcony, or home. On the list above are some common winter flowers in India that are easy to grow and care for during this time of year.