Top Embroidery Digitizing Software 2023

embroidery digitizing software

There’s no denying embroidery digitizing is cranking up in the industry. Though digitizing was a tough task back then, but the arrival of embroidery digitizing software made things smooth. The smart features of such software minimizes the input and maximizes the outcomes. Besides, it also helps to take things to the next level and makes stitching designs easier. With a plethora of software available, picking one of them can be a tough decision to make. Hence, we have done the groundwork for you. We joined our heads with online embroidery digitizing services providers to seek their opinion about the best-recommended software.

By the end of this blog, you’ll have expert-level inside knowledge about the topic. Without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the point.

List Of 04 Best Embroidery Digitizing Software In 2023

1) Brother PE-Design Plus

Let’s kick off the list with the most intermediate option available: Brother PE-Design Plus. It’s ideal if you are just keeping your feet in this or trying out your hands with digitizing. Start-ups or businesses with tight budgets can consider this option due to this affordable price tag. It’s easy to operate as well.

Although it doesn’t have many shenanigans attached, it can still perform a range of functions like:

  • Combing your design with the build-in ones
  • Executing any possible self-design
  • Importing scanned images/photos and made a design file with minimal effort

However, you’ll need scanned images to use this package. This software is a great option, but you cannot use it on Mac systems. Besides, it has only a specific number of sewing stitches that can be used.

Verdict: Obviously, it does come with some limitations, but you pay peanuts to buy this software. Considering the price tag, it delivers enough value and helps you get familiar with such automated machines.  

2) Brother PE-Design Next

Once you have learned the ropes with the basic version, you can hop on this upgraded version of the software. It unlocks several features that were limited in the previous model. The improvement in a number of features expands the creative horizons. You’d have a better scope of designing and customization, resulting in excellent outcomes.

  • It has an improved graphical interface that speeds up the process
  • Comes with a “Name Drop Template” feature to write names in a stylish way
  • Up to 4 PR-1000 and PR-650 machines can be connected from a single computer system
  • Plenty of stich and pattern variations are available
  • Improved number and styles of fonts

With so many cherries on the top, the efficiency and results are bound to improve. Many custom embroidered patches makers called this the best embroidery digitizing software due to the ampleness of features it has.

Verdict: Brother PE-Design Next is a resourceful machine that can explore files in several formats. As it tags along many benefits, it might take some time to unleash its complete potential. But if you have long-term plans to survive in this business, this auto-mated embroidery digitizer can be your rescue.

3) Amazing Designs – Digitize N Stitch

We have another candidate on the list for beginners. If you are entering the fray, Digitize N Stich can be an excellent machine embroidery software for you. A 30-day trial period will give you a better closure if this machine is a wise decision for you or not. You can send in any complicated artwork to it, and it will easily convert that into threadwork.

Its features are never going to put a barrier to your creativity; for example:

  • Several types of threadwork like applique, cross-stich, and embroidery designs can be achieved
  • Easy step-by-step wizard help will guide you through the whole process
  • Through the preview function, you get a realistic idea of how your end product will look like
  • 301 built-in icon designs, 40 built-in applique shapes and 188 built-in decorative applique stitches
  • Manage the order of stitching to control how you want your end result to look like

Despite all the bells and whistles, Digitize N Stich has some restrictions, like you cannot resize/rotate the design. Sometimes the conversion isn’t uniform because you can’t control the type of stich. Also, once you press the Finish button – there’s no going back! You can’t even make a tiny tweak.  

Verdict: Indeed, this auto-mated embroidery digitizer is an ideal choice for beginners or people who are just starting in. Considering the features with the price you have to pay, this software for embroidery machines can be a good option to select. The limitations can be overlooked by beginners or people who are just giving this thing a basic shot.

4) Embrilliance Stitch Artist Levels 1, 2, and 3

As the name reflects, this product has three different levels. With each level, you can unlock a new set of features. Level 1 can be used by hobby digitizers; level 2 is for people who are practising their skillset, and level 3 is for commercial use. For example, if you offer online digitizing services for embroidery – level 3 can be your go.

But let us clear one thing – this isn’t an auto-digitizing program and cannot be used to automate a design. Neither can you customize a previously existing design. It’s purely used for creating a design from scratch. Unlike other software, this program gives you a complete hold of shapes, sizes, colours and everything else. With each level, the properties, number of stitches, and methods improve, as described below:

  • Level 1 has 21 methods/properties counting spline, colour sort, auto-sequencing along with 12 stitches types
  • Level 2 has 24 varieties of stitches along with 25 methods/properties
  • Finally, level 3 has 29 kinds of stitches and 41 methods/properties

Isn’t level 3 crazy?

Even if you are a beginner but wish to learn about embroidery digitizing, this embroidery machine digitizing software can be the best call! It will help you with a smooth transition, and you’d get the complete hang of this machine step-by-step.

Verdict: The only downside of this program is that it isn’t a photo-to-stitch tool. Apart from that, Embrilliance StitchArtist Levels 1, 2, and 3 can greatly help people who are just starting in and are serious about taking it as a career.


That’s a closure, guys! In this article we were vocal about the best embroidery digitizing software that will take over in 2023. Since this blog-post was written with assistance of expert embroidering digitizers, you can be assured about the authenticity. Do let us know what you think about the listed software.