Top 10 Destinations To Visit – Adventure

In this article, I will be discussing about some of the top destinations that one can visit this year if they want to experience thrilling and adventure activities.

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Top 10 Destinations To Visit For Adventure 

The top ten destinations to visit if you want to evoke a sense of adventure within yourself:

#1 Puerto Escondido

This place is very famous for its heavy barrels of Puerto Escondido and is also famous as the “surfers paradise”. It is equally a paradise for the non-surfers as well – this place has more to offer than just waves. People who are looking for adventures can go to snorkeling in this place.

One can also indulge in activities like kayaking, and scuba diving or even go on eco tours out into the jungles, go hiking up the mountains that surround the place.

#2 Machu Picchu

This place is at the top of everybody’s adventure bucket list. Also, sometimes referred to as the “Lost City of Incas”, it is a sight that should not be forgotten in any way by people who journey up till there. There are also many ways of reaching the ruins, and the route one takes is up to them.

The most popular and known trek is the Inca  trail. One requires a permit to enter the Inca trail.

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#3 Cape Town

Cape Town is a place where adventure awaits you on land, sea and air! There are a impressive collection of sand dunes along the coast, Cape Town is an excellent place to go for sandboarding. This is also a very easy to learn activity and is similar to snowboarding.

Here you can go on a gyrocopter ride along the coasts or even get to see the Great White Shark up and close from the safe confinements of a cage.

#4 Vancouver 

This is essentially the birthplace of freeride form of mountain biking. You can go here and get to experience nature at high speed. You can visit the national parks that are located here all across the huge down drops and winding wooden bridges or even see all of it while ziplining.

If you are visiting this place in the winter season, then you will never be too far from aworld-class ski resort. Whether you are an experienced snowboarder or an experienced skier, the ski fields of here have something to offer for everyone.

#5 Queenstown  

This place is the capital of extreme sports in the world and is a prominent place that makes it to every adventure destination list. This incredible form of city is an ideal adventure city all year round. Extreme sports which are not as dangerous as fall overboard when on a boat. There are experts that will be guiding you through the activities!

One can jump out of a helicopter over the Mitre Peak and the Milford Sound to make the skiing activity more thrilling.

This place boasts of many national parks and gorgeous landscapes that one can visit upon coming to this place. No matter what the season, this place is perfect for a visit!

#6 Tanzania  

We all know Tanzaniaas one of the ultimate safari destinations. Here you can go on a game drive through the Serengeti for an unforgettable experience. You will definitely get to spot some big lions in this area.

You could also opt for camping in the middle of a game reserve or even view chimpazees at what is known as the “Gombre forest” situated at Lake Tanganyika.

This is also an excellent cycling spot as well. You can also indulge in other adventure activities like snorkelling and scuba diving in this place.

#7 Zambia  

Spending even a bit of a time in the Victoria Falls is bound to quench one’s thirst for adventure. One can even try whitewater rafting here. The Zambezi river also is a great place to indulge in some rafting activities. There’s also the Gorge Swing to experience, where one gets dropped 50 meters in just a matter of a few seconds.

Then they are whipped across the gorge of Victoria Falls gorge at ninety five miles an hour.

#8 Costa Rica  

Costa Rica is a place which is the land of untamed animals who live and jungles. There are also many volcanoes you can explore in this place. You will get to see a wide variety of toucans, monkeys, sloths over here.

#9 New Zealand  

New Zealand is a place where there’s a lot of adventurous places you can explore. This place is the land of adventure, and people can check out most of the adventurous activities that they want to experience here – off their bucket list.

#10 Antarctica  

This is the last and final frontier left to visit for adventure seekers. Not everyone has the permit or the capacity to go to this place, but nonetheless, it is one of the most popular adventure and thrill-seeking spots.

One can go kayaking around icebergs or even jump into the Antarctic’s frozen waters.

It is also the best place to go on a safari – you will get to see a lot of penguins, whales, leopards, polar bears, etc.

To Wrap It Up!

If you are deciding on going on an adventure trip soon, then do consider visiting at least one of these destinations!

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