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Tips to Write a Product Description

Tips to Write a Product Description

It becomes easier to capture potential customers through the advent of digital marketing (eazyresearch, 2022). Customers can move through your sales funnel with the help of a well-written product description. Your store will be more likely to draw in casual browsers if your product description writers add some creativity and highlight the benefits of your product in the product description.

However, the majority of business owners make the error of simply describing their products in their product descriptions. This leads to lower conversion rates because people are unable to grasp a product’s unique value proposition or how it solves a frustrating problem.

This blog will go through the product description and will provide you with tips that the best creative writers in Pakistan use to create product descriptions that draw customers in. 

What Is A Product Description?

The copy that informs a customer of the features and advantages of a product is referred to as a product description. The product description should give the customer enough details to make them want to purchase the product right away. You must develop your persuasive writing skills in order to write effective product descriptions. You should also respond to any queries that a client might have, including:

  • What issue does your product address?
  • What will I gain by using your product?
  • What distinguishes your products from the competition?
  • Your brief description must provide clear answers to these questions.

Advantages of Product Description Writing

Search engine optimization can be enhanced by having optimum product details (SEO). You can improve your chance of ranking well on Google by optimizing your product description to include targeted keywords. But remember that to become higher in google search engine results takes time (Varsamis, 2019). Without product descriptions, you might be able to keyword-optimize your images, but your product page might not rank highly in search results because there wouldn’t be enough information on it.

Your customer can learn more about the product from the product descriptions. In addition to what the product image can show, the product description also provides additional information about the item. You wouldn’t buy a laptop based solely on the image, for example. As a buyer, you should learn about the laptop’s specifications and features.

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This also holds true for the fashion industry, as some customers may have fabric allergies and require information about the clothing you sell. By providing key product information to customers, you can avoid a backlog of customer service queries. Additionally, it enables customers to decide whether a particular product is ideal for them, which may reduce the number of returns.

The relationship between the brand and the customer can be strengthened by using a product description to make the customer laugh. Customers may also be reassured that the product will alleviate their biggest problem or improve their quality of life.

Tips to Write Effective Product Descriptions

Compose your own

Avoid using the product descriptions provided by the manufacturer. You can prevent Google from penalizing your site for duplicate or flimsy content by writing your own copy. Additionally, you raise the likelihood that the product description you write will persuade customers to purchase.

Make the text scannable

You should make your product description simple to read. Customers can get the information they need quickly by using two sentences that describe the product and several bullet points. In order to make the specifications for laptops easier to read, you should make them into bullet points.

Understand Your Audience

You could add humor if you market amusing goods like silly jewelry or ugly Christmas sweaters. You should use a light, playful tone in your copy because customers who purchase those products are likely to find an interesting product description appealing. Humor, on the other hand, does not work in all dropshipping niches. For instance, it would be inappropriate to use humor in a product description that dealt with sensitive topics like life jackets, funerals, or other death-related topics.

Improve Product Descriptions

Using software like Plug in SEO on the store is the simplest method for optimizing your product summary. You should use keywords related to your product. If you sell brushes, for instance, you should be more specific, such as “unicorn makeup brush” or “mermaid makeup brush.”

Share a Story

Tell a story with your product description. It might explain why your customer requires this product to address their issue. Or a story about the product’s advantages. Or simply tell an interesting story about your product to entice your customer.

Run a Split Test

Remember to run split tests on your product descriptions. Test various word counts, formats, and lengths. Your product page can be optimized to increase conversion rates by split-testing your product descriptions.

Proofread Your Work

Make sure there are no typos in your product descriptions. To avoid spelling errors, use tools such as Grammarly.

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Provide All Details

Ensure that customers have all of the information they require to make a purchase. Size charts and care instructions, for instance, can be helpful to customers both before and after they make a purchase of clothing through dropshipping. Make sure to include all the specifications if you sell tablets. Since some people might have allergies to particular materials, dropshipping jewelry should include information like “nickel free.”


Based on consumer research, these eight guidelines have been shown to be successful in boosting sales. The key lesson here is that you should focus on the key reasons why your product will make your customers’ lives better rather than overly pushing it in your product descriptions. And if you can persuade your customers of this, your sales will rise. Include search-engine-friendly keywords. However, if the description is too short to include them, place it in the product title.

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Focus on using strong words in your description to highlight the product, if nothing else. Finally, you want to create a product description that provides your customers with the information they require. It’s probably good if it’s clear, concise, and skimmable. So don’t be too concerned.

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