The Practice of Fried Eggplant With Naan

It’s rare to see this kind of long purple eggplant. It’s very rare. Ask me the price is 6 yuan per kilogram, which is half the price of the most common purple-black eggplant Food Hub Discount Code NHS.

But when you encounter it, you have to buy it and try it. I haven’t eaten naan for a few days, so I went to the naan shop and bought a hot sesame naan, which is my favorite flavor.

My daughter was so hungry when I got home, she said that the white rice porridge she ate for breakfast couldn’t bear the hunger.

Already hungry looking for snacks to eat, seeing the naan is more kissable than seeing me. I ate half of it, and my daughter asked me what I had for lunch.

It made me worry about the question. My daughter is at home every day during the holidays, and I am tired of cooking three meals a day.

Yes, I bought two big bags of instant noodles. I don’t want to cook and the whole family eats instant noodles together.

What MuMu hates most is eating instant noodles. Every time my daughter and I eat instant noodles, we use the leftover rice to make egg fried rice for Mu Mu. Wood is my favorite.

Lazy people are creative. Eggplant and naan are paired together, and the food is complete, and there is a strong barbecue flavor. It is not barbecue but it has the taste of barbecue, more precisely, it is the taste of Xinjiang.

Looking at the golden naan pieces and purple eggplant pieces, will you whet your appetite? Facts have proved that my idea was right, and I was really praised by my daughter.


  • Eggplant 300g
  • Naan 5 grams
  • vegetable oil 5 grams
  • salt 5 grams
  • Cumin powder 5 grams
  • Chili powder 5g


  1. Main ingredients: naan, long eggplant Accessories: vegetable oil, salt, chili powder, cumin powder, first soy sauce, peppercorns
  2. Cut the naan into pieces
  3. Eggplant washed and cut into hob pieces
  4. Heat the pan with cold oil, heat the oil to 70% and deep-fry the naan pieces until golden brown
  5. Under the eggplant
  6. Fry until the water comes out and cooked
  7. Leave the oil at the bottom of the pot, and the peppercorns burst into fragrance
  8. Add eggplant, salt and stir fry evenly
  9. Add soy sauce and stir fry evenly
  10. Add naan pieces and simmer for a while
  11. Add cumin powder and chili powder and stir fry evenly
  12. Naan Fried Eggplant Finished Picture Big Foodie Discount Code NHS 

The practice of fried naan with cabbage

Stir-fried naan with cabbage is a halal dish with Xinjiang characteristics. There are restaurants of all sizes. It is a typical combination of pasta and vegetables. pasta.

This dish fully embodies the characteristics of Xinjiang cuisine, the combination of vegetables and rice. There are many ways to combine naan and vegetables in Xinjiang cuisine.

The most representative ones are: meat in naan, large plate chicken in naan, roasted carp in skin, etc. I have made and posted these typical naan and cabbage menu.

Now this fried naan with cabbage is a very homely way, much simpler than that. It is also a favorite home-cooked dish of the family.

  • cabbage half
  • Naan half
  • Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Light soy sauce 5 grams
  • 3 spicy peppers
  • 2 cloves of garlic


  1. Main ingredients: cabbage, naan Accessories: vegetable oil, salt, chili skin, peppercorns, garlic, balsamic vinegar, chicken essence, sugar
  2. Wash the cabbage, cut it in the middle, and tear it into pieces by hand
  3. Spicy skin bubbles washed and minced, garlic slices
  4. Naan cut into diamonds
  5. Heat the pan with cold oil, the oil is 80% hot, place the naan pieces, deep fry until golden brown and remove Hub Discount Code NHS.
  6. Leave the base oil at the bottom of the pot, add spicy skin, peppercorns, garlic slices and stir fry until fragrant
  7. Stir-fry the next package of cabbage evenly, add sugar and stir-fry evenly
  8. Stir well with balsamic vinegar
  9. Add salt and stir well Britt’s Superfoods Discount Code NHS.
  10. Add naan pieces and stir fry evenly
  11. Add chicken essence
  12. Just stir fry evenly

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  • Quickly fry the naan and pick it up. Don’t burn it. If you like the sticky cabbage, it’s best to tear it by hand. Add sugar first, then add vinegar, and then add salt. The fried cabbage is delicious and delicious , the naan can not be fried

How to make sweet and sour naan

I have always liked to eat naan. In the words of my family, I am a master who can’t walk when I see naan. I have to buy it, and I have to taste it after buying it. Even if I just finished eating from a restaurant, I still have to buy it. I’m eating two bites.

So naan is my staple food and also my snack. When I am too lazy to cook, I eat naan with milk. I don’t even need to touch the pots and pans, and I can eat until I am full.

So my family has never been short of naan. When my husband and daughter are hungry, they also go to get naan and break off a piece. If I hadn’t gone out that day, the two of you would have been hungry, and they would have gone to look for naan before the meal time.

They would all complain that there was no more naan, and whoever had finished eating would not leave any. Remember to go out and buy some naan Hub Discount Code NHS.

Naan is a must-have pre-meal food in my family, and it is also one of the pasta dishes for breakfast in my family. It is usually served with milk tea and eaten at least twice a week.

This is my favorite breakfast. It’s simple and easy to make. Every time I oversleep, I boil milk tea and eat it directly. In less than 10 minutes, breakfast will be ready.

Sweet and sour is my daughter’s favorite, and she loves to eat naan, so she created this sweet and sour naan, which is very popular, fried crispy naan, wrapped in sweet and sour tomato sauce , so delicious and beautiful