The Future of Voice Shopping E-Commerce

We all know about online shopping and E-commerce websites that took a boom over the internet. As many people are now switching to mobile phones and tablets, it is no shocker that the future of mobile commerce is near and trending. People are upgrading themselves through the internet via laptops, computers, and mobile phones. 

Mobile phones are getting smarter daily, enabling us to access the internet through a small window and to talk and communicate with our smart devices better, sometimes even more efficiently, than a laptop or a pc. But what about the new term M-commerce? What does it mean? M-commerce is a term related to mobile commercial transactions and purchases similar to e-commerce.

What Is The Future Of Mobile Commerce? Brief

Our mobile phones have made our day-to-day life easier than carrying a laptop or PC. The most important feature of our mobile phones that supports so much efficiency is their portability and size with different features that are now attached. Furthermore, there are several benefits of mobile commerce too. As Innovation and digitalisation are at their peak, we look forward to the future of m-commerce in a promising era. 

Earlier, the primary function of mobile phones was to make the voices of people reach different places on different mobile phones via connectivity. Calling each other was the focus. But mobile phones are getting smarter, and the new feature with the same voice recognition process is trending. Furthermore, from voice-to-text recognition, our words slowly evolved into voice shopping. M-commerce has a large base of voice shoppers that enables mobile phones to access online shopping most efficiently and easily.

What Is Voice-Enabled Shopping?

Voice-activated shopping is an asset on our mobile phones from which we can speak to our cell phones looking for optimum goods on an E-commerce website or an application. Furthermore, voice-activated shopping runs on a voice recognition process where the system recognises the words we speak in a certain language, ensuring optimum results. 

This feature on our mobile phone and E-commerce website helps us directly speak on our cell phones without facing spelling errors or typos, efficiently searching for the goods we are looking for.

However, sometimes mobile commerce doesn’t work on voice recognised shopping because of the language barrier. A simple solution to make it fine is we can always change the languages too. 

Benefits Of Voice Search Shopping

There are plenty of benefits voice-enabled shopping can give us in terms of efficiency and speed. Let us, in this phrase of the article, look at various benefits voice search shopping gives us.

Asset To Disabled People

Cell phones do not have braille but a vibration system for blind people. Vibration can often make typos which are inaccurate. Hence, voice recognition is a better way to help and proceed with accuracy. Voice-assisted shopping can be an asset to disabled people because of its no type system where the user only needs to press the mic icon to say and get results directly on the application.

Very Handy

The voice recognition feature can greatly support the future of M-commerce. As mobile phones are portable and handy, why not make typing hassle-free with voice recognition, where people can speak or directly command their phone to search for something on the E-commerce website they are looking for? However, handiness can be measured by efficiency too. It is a great way for people to escape typing who don’t prefer it.

Speak= Search

According to various research, we have noticed that people are always thinking about something before typing to get optimal research. By enabling the voice assistant search, people can type as they speak in their native languages to get the optimal research that matches accurately. This helps greatly with an easy user interface and works perfectly for the old generation unfamiliar with the technology.

Top 3 Responsive Voice Activated Shopping Sites

If you are looking for a better voice shopping website, then visit these.


Amazon is one of the largest E-commerce websites compatible with phones with an accurate voice-search shopping feature. With a larger variety of products, it becomes easy for the user to ensure the result they are looking for through the voice search option. Amazon also lists worldwide products for users to easily find. If you are looking for something, you would definitely get it on Amazon at a low price without typing.


If you are looking for Indian goods or cross-border shopping products, then visit Flipkart. Flipkart is an Indian company that ensures quality products. Recently, Flipkart ran a voice search campaign where it featured an advertisement with the tagline ” Yahan bolne Se Sab Milta Hai”. Flipkart announced its voice search feature in Hindi and English in March 2021. 

Google “Shopping”

Suppose you don’t have any problem exploring other websites. In that case, you can always use Google and its excellent voice search feature that has various options and language recognition in more than 20 languages. Google will list out the shopping items you want instantly from various websites. You can easily speak to Google in your native language and find accurate results.

However, voice-assisted shopping requires clear speech from a person to get accurate results. It can always be typed if not said.

Voice Shopping Guidelines For Overseas Online Shopping

Voice shopping guidelines for overseas online shopping can be tricky because of different language barriers. However, you can always use Google Translate to get optimal results while you use voice recognition simultaneously. 

Follow these tips to ensure better results.

  1. If there is no universal language listed, ensure that you speak the country’s native language to get better results.
  2. Make sure there is an alternate language for voice search in worldwide shipping stores or international websites.
  3. The accent of your speaking also affects the voice search. Correctly set up your language input.

In A Nutshell

The future of mobile commerce has encouraged voice search shopping. People need to know about such features that can make their lives easier and more efficient. We hope that you like this article, happy reading!