Top 5 Website for temporary phone number

Top 5 Websites that help you get a temporary phone number

In this, we will take a look at the top five websites that will help you get a temporary phone number. Communication by using Phone calls is one of the fastest and most effective ways to use communication tools today. This is one of the most useful technological advancements in history.

Why u need a Temporary Phone Number: 

It is the human psyche that at some point you wished to be able to change your phone number. You avoid giving your real personal number and with this. You be able to avoid calls or messages from someone, or simply for business security reasons.

This desire of yours will be able to generate a false or temporary phone number without buying a second line or SIM. Today it is completely accessible and possible through different websites.

Websites that help to get a Temporary Phone Number:

The following websites will show you different modes of operations below. Each one of the websites fulfills the same objective which is “give the user a temporary and fake” phone number. Most websites use the same interface in a very similar way. You must have to register on those websites, choose a suitable payment plan, and get access to temporary numbers.

As a user, you just need to enter the websites select your temporary phone number. And that’s it you will be able to use different communication offers (Calls and Messages). 

The given below are the names of websites are mentioned below:

  • Cover me
  • Burners
  • 2nd Line
  • Hushed
  • Sideline

Cover me:

With this site, user can self-deleted messages. That offers the option of call encryption. The websites provide you with a temporary or fake phone number. That is with the area code of the city of Mexico, Canada from the united states, and many other countries.

With the first login, the website is completely free. But after some certain time, the user will have to pay for the selected package that offers and ranging from 3 euros to around about 50 to 80 euros. Depending upon the possibilities that you possibly want to have.

Using this website, you do not need to register and sign in anywhere. Opening the website, you will immediately be able to choose your phone number with the selected area code of the country. Once you have chosen the number. You must have to select the payment plan or package you prefer. Which could happen by either number of calls or by minutes.


The website burner has a function that is quite similar to other websites or applications, with certain additional possibilities. On this website, you can the features of Block spam, and Hide your number. Using this no one can see your phone number it also mutes calls and it even mutes’ messages.

This website also offers a free trial period of seven days. Once the free trial is expired, you must have to choose the payment plan for subscriptions that the website will offer you.

Another unique feature of this website is it can delete the numbers you generate and replace them too.

Which website is also found on the Google play store and IOS as an App. With the operating system this website is named as best temporary phone number generator.

2nd Line:

This website specifically targets people who want to have a second number that they could use for business purposes. Or to have a second number for your Company’s use.

Using this website, you don’t have the feature to have just one phone number. But you also have the option to get or add as many numbers or lines as you want or need. You can use these numbers for different departments of the Company.

The very first thing you need to do on this website is to register there and then you can choose your second phone number. Some of the features which are offer by this website are you can make conference calls, as well as being to forward calls.

The website named the second line turns out to be tremendously useful for sperate personal calls from business and work calls. This website is also available as App for both IOS and Android.


Hushed is one of the best options you can get so far, you could say that this is one of the best websites you can access. You can create or delete the numbers you want without any limit.

Using this App, you can also have a phone line with an area code from another country of your choice without the need for any physical SIM card from the nation.

This website comes with a free trial of 3 days, to use an unlimited plan or subscription you will have to pay about five dollars or a little more monthly. If you are finding issue in getting a temporary and fake phone number then the Hour Global is a good option to look at which will help you getting the temporary phone number.


Sideline is a completely free Website as well as an App. This website has a fairly used simple operation for the user. This website and application offer the option to make calls using WIFI or by using Mobile data. Using this website, you need to first enter a code that will be sent to your phone number once you passed “get your number”.

Once you are done entering the code you will have the access to choose your phone number among other options that the website offers you for free or paid.

This website is easily accessible from any browser or app from the Google Play Store or App store of IOS.