Social Media Writing Strategies & Tools

Writing is not an easy job. Writing for social media is even harder. 


It’s because you get a limited quota of words to hook your audience, piquing their interest with your story, and influencing them to take action on social media.

This requires specialized knowledge and expertise to get through.

Not sure where to get started?

This blog will share 7 actionable strategies and 5 magical tools to help you win the social media game without giving up on overwhelm.

Ready to learn?

Let’s dive in.

In this blog:

Why is writing for social media important?

7 super strong strategies

5 Tools to inspire your social media writing

Final Words

Why is writing for social media important?

There are 4.74 billion social media users globally accounting for 59.3 percent of the total population.

This makes social media a natural attraction for brands and influencers to market and grow their business and influence.

Everything you post on social media becomes your brand’s identity. This is why publishing poorly thought-of captions or irrelevant images will damage the rapport and brand image.

Let’s explore the actionable strategies to supercharge your writing for social media success.

7 super strong strategies

Start Writing

Writer’s block is for real. 

How do I know?

I have hit it several times before and often struggle even now.

So, what’s the way out?

Start writing and forget about the mistakes or immature tones or slang. Just go with the flow.

Once you’re done with your social media copy, you can then proofread and make it the best you want.

Writing a piece of content is the hardest part. Polishing it for perfection is a lot easier.

So, writing down the words as they come to your mind is the best way to bring your raw creativity to the table and optimize it later.

Use their language

While as a writer, you might have to write for various social media platforms; keep in mind every social medium is different.

You need to write according to the language of the specific channel. Web development and LinkedIn for example is a place for professionals and serious people. So, educational and thought-evoking content best suits the platform.

TikTok on the other hand is a symbol of fun and entertainment. So, you should write about the fun and aesthetics of your brand.

Write accessible posts

To write successful social media posts you should write words that are accessible to everybody.

A lot of people who consume social media content use screen readers for reading posts. Using a lot of emojis will affect readability negatively.

The same is true for images having text on them. Be sure to add alt text to the images you use, so that everyone in your audience enjoys that.

Use simple words

A lot of times, social media copywriters unintentionally use jargon and confusing words that repels the readers from their posts.

The best way to engage the audience is to use simple words like you are ariting for a 5th grader. 

People should not read a word twice to understand the meaning of the sentence.

With average attention of only 6 seconds, using technical terminologies – that are alien to your audience – will only move them away. So, the simpler the better. 

What’s in it for them

In today’s digital economy, nobody cares about you. They’re rather more concerned about them. 

Whenever someone is scrolling through a social medium, let’s say Instagram for example, they’re scanning unconsciously until there’s something valuable for them in the feed.

And as soon as they find that, they can’t resist but stop scrolling and tap on the post to read more.

There are different ways to get shown in more people’s feed. Many brands and businesses buy Instagram followers  to grow their audience by telling Instagram’s algorithm ‘we are credible brand which is why people are following us’.

This is a shortcut strategy for establishing and growing your social clout.

Be clear with the goal

Before creating any content plan and gathering resources to execute the plan, you need to write clearly about your goals with your marketing.

Whether it’s brand awareness, reach, sales, or lead generation; write it down.

If you’re looking to grow reach and brand awareness for example, then you can buy Instagram likes  to meet your goal.

Defining your goals will dictate the copy you write for your social media content.

Use the right pictures

Images play a huge role in stopping the scroll and get attention of the social media users.

Many social platforms including Instagram, facebook, Pinterest rely on interesting images to get attention of the users.

Words will only be effective if you’ve added images to intrigue the audience and get them to read your post.

So, whenever possible and relevant, you should add images to increase reach, engagement, and click-through rate for your social media posts.

5 Tools to inspire your social media writing


Grammarly is an amazing writing assistant tool powered by billions of writing pieces around the world.

It helps write a better, error-free social media content with amazing tone and grammar suggestions.

Hemingway app

The hemingway app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors. It gives a readability score corresponding to school grades, which is interesting.

It gives you suggestions in real-time to improve your content and make it more readable and effective.


If you’re not skilled to write social media copy for yourself, try Draft.

They have a team of highly professional writers that can write click-worthy copy for your social posts.

You can order for a full-month worth of content to make the best of their pricing plans.


Rytr is an AI writing assistant that can help you write better and compelling social media copy in a short time.

The best part?

You can track how well your content is performing and can make changes if you want.


Jasper is a super powerful AI writing tool to write social media posts and blogs.

If you’re struggling to find content ideas, then Jasper can be of greta help to you. Give it a try to see what it can do for you.

Final Words

This blog has covered some actionable strategies that you can use to improve performance of your social media content right away.

We’ve also shared with you, 5 amazing writing tools to assist you in writing compelling copy for your social posts.

We are confident that these will help you hook and engage your audience and increase your conversions on different social platforms.

Add them into your content marketing plan and see the magic happen.