End of Tenancy Cleaning Reading

The cleaner from the end of tenancy cleaning reading spent a minimum of time and did wonders. There were no traces of dirt on the property after their work.

He was punctual, courteous, and a hard worker. The crew at Britain Cleaning Service includes expert cleaners and customer service representatives. 

Reservations for End of Tenancy Cleaning Reading

The website is straightforward to use. I had to enter the required information in the form and submitted. End of tenancy cleaning team provided customer support facility over a phone call just in case I have to make any changes in the schedule.

The cleaning team was on time and ready to start the job. The cleaners were respectful and polite. They did a thorough job, removing all dirt and stains from my carpets so that they looked like new again! I will definitely use their services again.

The team arrived on time, and they did a thorough job of cleaning my apartment. They left no stone unturned. The price was very reasonable, and I got a lot of value for what I paid.

Cleaning Service by The Cleaner of end of tenancy reading

Britain cleaning services give all the required information about the cleaners. The cleaner was courteous, helpful, and on time.

The cleaners are authorized and have a COI. He followed my directions and performed the cleaning very well. 

Affordable packages 

Britain Cleaning Services provide financial guarantees and also provides affordable end-of-tenancy cleaning reading services. I could select my plan based on my requirements and spending limit.

I was looking for a cleaning company and I came across UK Cleaning Services.

They have been providing cleaning services to their clients since 2007. I could select my plan based on my requirements and spending limit. The pricing was very reasonable, and I was able to choose from a number of different cleaning packages.

The cleaning team arrived at the agreed time and got straight to work. They were professional and friendly, and their attention to detail was excellent.

Cleaning of my property

I scheduled end of tenancy cleaning for my flat of two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and a living room. The personnel showed up on time after I scheduled the appointment. The cleaner was right on time.

The cleaner took care of my flat and made it look like new. I was really impressed with their service.

The cleaner was very friendly and polite. They were very efficient as well. The cleaning took about three hours, but I had only booked for two hours.

The cleaner was very professional and friendly. He was well-dressed, clean, and efficient. The flat looks absolutely amazing!


He also dealt with the wall stains that I was worried about. The wall spot clean I requested as part of my lease cleaning reservation was expertly completed by the end of tenancy cleaning reading.

My view on the End of Tenancy Cleaning Reading

This is the first time I have experienced such a good cleaning service. I received a terrific end-of-tenancy cleaning Reading from Britain Services. It seemed as if I had just bought my place. The company took extreme attention and cleanliness precautions. Next time I need to get my place cleaned, I’ll be booking end of tenancy cleaning Reading.

How did the cleaner clean the bathrooms?

The cleaners washed the bathrooms to the extent that they’re almost as good as new! Cleaner gave the shower area a thorough scrubbing with soap and water. He wiped counters, sanitized sinks, and dried floor surfaces. They even cleaned the floor mats.


 The cleaner gave the kitchen a thorough scrubbing. He gave counters a good wipe down with soap and water. He cleaned and sanitized cabinets to kill germs, and he mopped floors. The cleaner also did kitchen appliance maintenance, like vacuuming behind the refrigerator, washing dishes and silverware, etc.


The cleaner cleaned furniture, windows (inside), blinds/shades, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. He did dusting of baseboards and molding that had been neglected for some time. 

He also removed cobwebs and wiped down walls. The cleaner did a good job cleaning up after himself and left the house looking very clean and tidy.

The cleaner was efficient and thorough. He was able to do the job in about 4 hours, which I thought was pretty good!


The cleaner cleaned and tidied the room as a whole (removing dirty dishes from tables or empty bottles/trash from garbage cans). He dusted picture frames and furniture surfaces, removed cobwebs in corners of ceilings, etc.


My sofa, carpets, curtains, and mattresses all had dust entrenched in them, but once the cleaner removed the dust, the gorgeous and brilliant fabric colors were visible. After a thorough cleaning, the bed was spotless and free of dirt, grime, and pet hair. This is very helpful in removing stains. The outcomes surprised me.

Living Room

Cleaner swept, mopped, vacuumed, and dusted all of the surfaces in the living room, including tables (lamps, coasters), coffee table top, entertainment stand, and lampshades to clean around and inside of light bulbs. He removed cobwebs from the corners of ceilings too.

Got rid of dirt and grim

The end-of-tenancy cleaning Reading team removed dirt and grime from all areas, including the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and more. They used mops, rags, and other tools to ensure sparkling surfaces. They also will give the windows a good scrubbing so that one can see everything clearly on the outside of the home.