Pick Residential Contractors

Residential Contractors

Your home is your personal space that holds your very essence. Most people have had an image of their dream home from childhood. So, when building your home, you want everything to be perfect. Yet, you will also need professional input. This will ensure that home-making plans are best.

A primary headache is a choice between residential and general contractors. Both contractors have building expertise and experience. 

Yet, you can only use one of both options as your home’s contractor. This article explains why you should pick residential contractors over general contractors. Let’s go!

Understanding Basic Terms

Hiring a contractor means building a house cheaper than you would do without one. A general contractor’s and a residential contractor’s jobs may overlap. Yet, they are different and unique in their rights. So, it is crucial to know the differences in the job roles of each contractor.

  1. Who is General Contractor

General contractors oversee the processes of building a house. These professionals have sub-teams of building professionals working under them. They can estimate the cost of building a house vs. buying costs of raw materials. They can also help you draw a list of top things to include when building a house. 

Also, they have a relationship with construction material suppliers and vendors. So they can get materials at cheaper costs. This way, you can fulfill your building-a-house dream on an affordable budget.

The general contractor’s roles include:

  • Supervision of building teams. These include architects, building constructors, quantity surveyors
  • Management of building of other projects asides from homes
  • They always work together with professionals on various parts of home projects
  •  Hiring and paying all members of the building team
  • Establishing building schedule 

General contractors can estimate the period your home will take to build. This helps you plan for what you will need at each building stage.

  1. Who is a Residential Contractor?

A residential contractor’s job differs from that of a general contractor. A residential contractor’s job starts with planning your dream home. Sometimes, they cost more than general contractors. Yet, their fees are worth paying as they render good professional services.

Residential contractors vets the initial blueprints of your dream home. Then, they oversee the building permit. They also supervise excavation and all the groundwork before the building. 

Some of the roles of the residential contractor include:

  • Renovation or construction of a home or building
  • Provision of labor for building 
  • Provision of schedules for all building processes
  • Choosing subcontractors for materials and delivery 
  • Obtaining permits for all inspections
  • Purchasing appliances and fixtures

The residential contractor’s job may surpass these, but these are the basics.

What to Look Out For When Hiring a Residential Contractor

A recent survey shows that out of 1000 homeowners, 7% have experienced mishaps. These ranged from flooding, fire, or other damages. They often resulted from home projects gone wrong. So, before choosing a residential contractor, you must check the following:

Professional Licensing

A residential contractor should have a professional license to practice. There have been several reports of building fraud. These may have resulted from hiring questionable residential or general contractors. And you can avoid this error by vetting the residential contractor. 

To start, ensure that your contractor has all legal documents. It would help to hire a residential contractor firm. This way, you can ensure that the firm has legal professionals. 

You may run into trouble if your contractor does not have a license. Sometimes, they charge lesser fees than high-end residential contractors might. Yet, you may not be able to sell your home when you want to. Also, you may suffer losses because of poor professional services. 


When looking for an excellent residential contractor, search for testimonials. It would be best to hire a local residential contractor. This way, you can get referrals from homeowners. 

They can also give testimonials about their residential contractors. Of course, it is always safe to do research before choosing a residential contractor. 

3 Reasons To Pick a Residential Contractor Over a General Contractor

Here are some reasons to choose a residential contractor over a general contractor:

  1. A Residential Contractor is Thorough

A general contractor’s job starts when you commence building. This means they have little say in the home’s blueprint. On the other hand, the residential contractor has a broader job scope. Also, they get the blueprints and give valuable inputs. 

In most cases, the residential contractor does not only oversee the building task. They also join the building team and work alongside the members. This way, they can see errors and correct them while building. 

A residential contractor can also calculate the building cost per square meter. So their cost estimation is more thorough. Having a residential contractor makes building cheaper. This is because they source the best materials at affordable rates. In their job description, they also provide the house’s interior decor. This relieves you of the stress of sourcing for appropriate fittings and furniture. 

So, the contractor’s job ends when they hand your home’s keys over to you. It is a relief to go into a complete home with zero worries.

  1. They Save Cost and Time On Building

Residential contractors have expertise in building homes. So they know the best team to work with on your home project. This way, it is easier and faster to create a building team. Also, because they are in on the planning, they help you save cost. They can give you cheaper alternatives for standard construction materials. 

Unlike the general contractor, the residential contractor is a specialist in building homes. Like medical specialists, you can trust them to give you the best services. They will also save time as they have garnered experience over the years. So, your dream home will be ready at an affordable cost and in no time.

  1. They Aim for Client Satisfaction

An excellent residential contractor is a professional that always seeks client satisfaction. So, they focus on offering impeccable service to their clients. They use the best materials at affordable costs and will ensure optimal satisfaction. 

These professionals will provide good customer service and will hire the best team. So you can be sure that you are getting precise specifications for your home. They also ensure that the team is at minimal risk of accidents during building. They may also seek warranties for building materials and home fittings. That way, you do not take the fall even when there is a fault in the home structure. 


While a residential contractor’s service may cost more than a general contractor, they are worth the extra pay. With their services. You can get your dream home on a platter. Just remember to check for licensing and expertise before hiring any building professional.