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There is a lot of demand to learn website design, and it’s a rewarding career option to work as a web designer or developer. Moreover, its excellent pay potential makes many designers and developers find employment or start their freelance web development services without a college degree. 

In contrast to other professional options that demand 4+ years of schooling and a significant financial investment, learning how to design and/or code may be accomplished very rapidly. You don’t need a degree in website design; a few online courses can do wonders for you.

Learning independently outside of a typical classroom setting will undoubtedly be difficult. It will require some discipline, but it can be an amazing step if you search for a good career. To help you learn website design and make your struggle a bit easier, we have narrowed down the 10 best online resources. Here are some of the finest websites for learning UI/UX, web design, or product design:

Top 10 Resources to Learn Website Design Online

1- Coursera 

One number one, we have Coursera, which is one of the best online resources to learn website design you can find. Access to online courses on a variety of topics is made possible by Coursera’s partnerships with premier universities. 

Through Coursera, you may enroll for free in several web design, marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) courses. Additionally, you can discover institutions and universities that provide degrees and education online. The two amazing web design courses are listed here.

Coursera’s web design is for everyone.

The Foundations of Web Development & Coding’s main goal is to cover every ability required to start a new career in web design. Students will learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design. It has a lot of credibility because the University of Michigan offers the course. 

Coursera’s course; HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers.

The next amazing course offered by Coursera is Johns Hopkins University’s course on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This course is just what a developer needs to advance their career. 

This course teaches you how to create web pages that load quickly, respond to user input, and address their specific needs. The teacher will guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know about using several coding languages for creating flexible websites.

2- Skillshare

The next best place to learn website design from home is Skillshare. With Skillshare’s short format classes, you can learn useful skills quickly!

Offer hundreds of classes in various subjects, including web design and UX/UI. Unlike some of the other free web design courses, these courses are up-to-date and current. 

The best part is that Skillshare offers a two-week free trial during which you can enroll in as many courses as you like.

After the trial, you can upgrade to get their Premium Membership. This will allow you access to all courses to learn website design from home at no additional cost. Moreover, it will enable you to enroll in the classes and communities that are most beneficial to you, allowing you to continue learning and thriving.

The nicest thing is how inexpensive it is, especially compared to expensive in-person training and workshops. And its yearly subscription costs only $10 each month.

3- Codepen

CodePen is distinct from the other resources, but it was important to include it because it could be a top resource. It is an amazing online forum for front-end developers.

You can learn a lot by looking through other developers’ projects (and the code behind them) and demos. Additionally, you can engage in challenges and share your work.

4- Pluralsight

The learning-by-doing philosophy of PluralSight, formerly known as CodeSchool, is another great online resource. This is for the novice who isn’t particularly passionate about web design. This is for those who don’t care about the grind of learning yet want to develop their websites.

For this reason, they have created games and themes so that you can learn easily without exerting too much effort. However, it only offers eight introductory courses that benefit new students. 

5- Codecademy

Another great place to learn website design is Codecademy. It has many Web design and development courses available on the online learning platform. You can concentrate on front-end, back-end, or full-stack web development on Codecademy. 

Both beginning and intermediate students can enroll in courses. The Web Design course offered by Codecademy is a good choice for budding web designers. While some of the course material is free, a Pro subscription is necessary for the majority of it.

6- Treehouse Team

One of the top websites for learning web programming is Team Treehouse. You can access interactive practice sessions and expert-led video courses with basic plans starting at $25 per month.

Even a Tech degree program is available to assist you in starting a new job in just three to twelve months. The course aids in creating a portfolio that is suitable for employment in addition to teaching practical skills. They use movies, interactive tests, and coding challenges in their instruction.

7- Don’t Fear the Internet

Don’t Fear The Internet is another great resource designed to enable users to Learn Website Design for their own websites. People in the creative industries, such as designers and photographers, are the target audience for this instructional program. This course is for you if your website showcases your excellent work but has a poor design.

Watching seven brief videos will help you learn the website design skills you need to improve your website. This tiny educational endeavor gains credibility because of the artistic appeal of the website that hosts the lessons. One of the amazing courses offered by it is the following: 

  • Basic HTML & CSS for Non-Web Designers

This course intends to assist people in other industries in establishing personal online websites and portfolios through a series of eight brief videos. These videos cover the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, typography, and web page layouts. 

It does not develop a curriculum for aspiring web design professionals. Because it is entirely free and self-paced, the course is a fantastic choice for anyone with a hectic schedule who just want to gain a fundamental understanding of contemporary web design best practices.

8- LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com

Lynda.com has been around for some time now. For a more customized learning experience, all of Linda.com’s courses are now coupled with LinkedIn insights.

 Instead of leading you through a predetermined path, the website offers an astounding number of courses in numerous subjects, including around a thousand for web development. 

Each course to learn website design is divided into several videos that, where necessary. It also provides walkthrough examples and sample code. As a result, you can quickly learn anything at your own pace for just $29 per month.

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9- Webmaking 101

Although it’s not the ideal location to learn about responsive or dynamic websites, this is a good place to Learn Website Design. Their website’s minor responsive or dynamic design deficiency makes that fact evident.

However, it is a good site to find free courses to learn website design that others have modified online. You must take the rough with the smooth because it is peer powered.

10- Udemy

Udemy is another great online marketplace for courses in web designing. There is a big assortment of courses on a wide range of subjects because anyone can design a course and market it through Udemy.

There are courses for every level of expertise. Some of these courses are shorter and more focused than others. You can Learn Website Design or development and other related subjects like WordPress, SEO, blogging, and social media marketing, which are available on Udemy.

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Finding the proper course to learn website design is made much easier by reading reviews from students who have taken the courses at Udemy and examining their overall ratings.

The cost will vary depending on the course. However, Udemy generally has more affordable costs. Additionally, they routinely run deals and promotions, and you can offer customers access to top-notch courses for $10 to $20. 

Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

This is an 11-hour on-demand video course taught by a professional developer and instructor Brad Schiff. It is intended to help total beginners start a new career. 

The main goal of these videos is to instruct viewers on how to create responsive websites using HTML, CSS, Sass, and Bootstrap. Additionally, you’ll discover how to create forms, use JavaScript to provide interaction, and use GitHub Pages to publish live web pages. 

You’ll have lifetime access to the course to learn website design after purchasing it, so you can always go back and review the material to sharpen your skills. Students also get access to 51 downloadable resources, which helps them to develop their skills.


Getting started is the hardest aspect of beginning a career in web development. But once you start your career, you will get shocked at how much benefit you can get from the online resources you have to learn website design. Then, all left is for you to focus on honing your skills for your new career. Hopefully, these resources for web developers will be useful to you.