Introduce a Vibrant and Gorgeous Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Today, wall clock can be used for different purposes because they not only tell the time but also serve numerous purposes. Wall clocks are both decorative and functional items that can be used for creating a furnished look. Besides telling time, large timepieces improve the beauty and attractiveness of plain walls. Plus, the style and design of these items are highly dependent on where you are planning to use them. You have to pick up the best color wisely and let them blend with other adorning pieces and furniture.

In the entire market, you can get a lavish range of decorative clocks to be hung in the room. But, which one will be better for you? What should you invest in these attractive items? Well, there are several reasons behind selecting such attractive timepieces. That’s why; they are creating furnished and refurbished looks at every corner of the house. Online, you can get timeless and beautiful pieces to décor your space attractively. Let’s begin our journey and know some important details about the watches in this article!

Why Should You Purchase Designer Wall Clocks? What are Its Benefits?

Well, every decorative piece comes with numerous advantages and that’s why; people are buying them for decoration. Here are some advantages of designer timepieces for home décor:

  • Brighten the Entire Room – In every room, you should have a wall clock to brighten up the room. But, if you have any room that requires a splash of color, nothing is better than hanging a clock. It helps to brighten the entire room and convert it into a neutral theme. And, it becomes easy to work around and make your room better.
  • Appreciate Any Décor – Yes, these gorgeous items indeed can décor any room in the house. There are many watches available that suit your theme, style, and color of the entire room. Distinctive shapes from square, circular, and hexagons, to large size of clocks, become the center of attraction.
  • Update the Design of the Room Quickly – Well, sometimes, people like to create a distinctive feel in the house in terms of colors, décor, and style. But, most of them are not able to fulfill this desire because of the budget. However, you don’t need to take care of the budget now because timepieces can easily update the theme and design of the room immediately.
  • Cost-Friendly – In comparison to other platforms, you can get these attractive items in your budget at WallMantra. From small, large, to medium, every shape and size is available to attract others in just your budget.
  • Time-Telling – Generally, these items come with multiple functions but displaying time is one of the most important features. By displaying time, you can easily schedule and manage hours for daily activities.

How to Hang a Designer Wall Clock in the Room?

Usually, hanging these items is not a big task but if you are not able to hang them properly, have a look at some important tips:

  • Determine a Stud on the Wall – With the help of a stud finder, you have to locate a stud on the wall. After determining the stud, you have to use a pencil to mark the specific area or use a screw in the absence of a stud.
  • Hold the Clock in a Specific Place – Make sure that your timepiece should be in the proper position for marking with a pencil. In this regard, you have to hold the clock properly and mark up the area.
  • Insert an Anchor – After drilling for the screw (in the absence of a stud), you have to insert an anchor to hang these timepieces. Then, screw it into the wall for at least 2 inches below the marked area.
  • Drill the Screw – It’s time to drill the screw for about 1/3rd of it. Ensure that you are screwing in the right direction as you marked before.
  • Hang the Clock – After deciding on your favorite timepiece, you need to hang it on the wall. Stull, you need to be very careful because if both the screws are not placed in the right direction, your watch will look incomplete.
  • Listen to Ticking Sound – At last, you can enjoy the ticking sound after hanging these items. It will give you a peaceful and happy mind. Additionally, the main purpose of the timepiece is to gain attractiveness by displaying the right time.

Where to Buy Designer Wall Clock Online?

It is a good question because there are several platforms and shops available where you can find these pieces. But, which one is better for you? In this regard, we will suggest you choose WallMantra as your best companion. This is a wide spreading platform that always provides awesome products to users for home décor. These are, for example, attractive bed sheets, blankets, cushions, planters, organizers, TV units, and much more. Explore it and grab your desired product within your budget!


In reality, wall clock are a great investment for both a timepiece as well as cosmetic reasons. Lots of colors, designs, styles, and materials are available to choose from as per your needs. Above we already discussed how these items are important in our lives. Can you imagine your life with a watch? Maybe not because it is a primary need of every person whether you are working on it or not. To do work appropriately with a scheduled plan, timepieces are really important.