How to work keyboard price in Pakistan?

Keyboard price in Pakistan

There are a variety of causes for keyboard malfunctions. The most common are faulty connections, dead batteries, software glitches, fluid leaks, and eventually damage to the computer’s internal components or the keyboard itself.

If the last option is the reason to repair or replace the keyboard , the keyboard price in Pakistan and the remaining problems can often resolve themselves.

General recommendations

The keyboard get wet, dry it before trying to connect it to the computer. If the keys have been in contact with soup or other liquid that could clog them, clean the device.

If only the extra number keys don’t work, press Num Lock (or Fn + Num Lock on some laptops). This button is responsible for the operation of the digital block, and you may have accidentally touched it before. Sometimes it happens. Esquare provide the keyboard price in Pakistan. When all the keys don’t work at all, the first thing to do is restart the computer. If it helps, the problem is a simple software bug. If you are unsuccessful, continue with additional instructions.

Why a wired keyboard doesn’t work and how to fix it

1. Lack of power

If your keyboard has a power button, make sure it’s turn on.

2. Port error

Disconnect all other USB devices from the computer and try connecting the keyboard through different ports. Usually a pair of ports on top of the back panel is best for this. Connecting the keyboard to ports with USB 3.0 support (blue) is undesirable. A regular USB 2.0 (black or white) will suffice.

It is worth trying to connect a keyboard without an adapter or, on the contrary, use it. A USB keyboard may not work when connected via a PS/2 adapter. The same is possible when connecting older keyboards via the USB port.

3. Interruption of communication

Make sure the keyboard cable is fully insert. All it takes is to move it a few millimeters and the connection will break. And this sometimes happens during cleaning or if there are animals in the house that like to play with wires.

If you have a PS/2 keyboard, carefully inspect the connector and make sure its pins are not bent. This happens when it is installed incorrectly and causes the error. In this case, straighten the pins with tweezers and try to reassemble the keyboard.

4. Disabled USB support in BIOS

If you have a new computer or if you have replaced an old device with a PS/2 connector, the keyboard may not work due to a disabled feature in the BIOS. Go to BIOS, go to Advanced section and create. Ensure that legacy USB support or USB keyboard support is enable. If it is disable, change the value and press F10 to save the settings and restart the computer.

5. Problems with the driver

If you have Windows, reinstall the keyboard driver in Device Manager. To reach it, use your mouse to go to “Start” → “Settings” → “Bluetooth and other devices” → “Device Manager”. In the list that opens, find the keyboard, right-click on it and select “Remove device”. After restarting the computer, the keyboard driver will be install automatically.

6. Viruses

It also doesn’t hurt Windows users to check the system for malware. To do this scan it with antivirus. If it is not install, download it from the Internet using a spare physical or on-screen keyboard.

Why Wireless Keyboard Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It

1. No power.

Check the batteries first. You may have inserted the batteries into the keyboard incorrectly or they may have become unusable. If the keyboard is power by a built-in battery, make sure it is charge.

2. Connection failure or interruption

Upgrade your wireless connection. To do this, turn off the keyboard and the receiver, if any, using the power button. Then disconnect it from the computer. Turn off other wireless devices if nearby. Reconnect the receiver to the computer: first turn it on, then the keyboard.

If you’re using your computer’s built-in Bluetooth to communicate, make sure it’s turn on and discoverable.

The procedure for connecting wireless keyboards may vary depending on the device model. Only then, check the official instructions in the documentation or on the manufacturer’s website.

3. Other reasons

Reinstall the keyboard driver and scan your computer for malware if you are using Windows. Read more about it in the Wired Keyboards section.

Why laptop keyboard not working and how to fix it

Make sure your laptop battery is not dead. Sometimes even when the device is turn on, the keys may not work when the battery is low. Only then, connect the laptop to the network.

Windows users should reinstall the keyboard driver and scan their computer for malware. See the section on wired keyboards for more details.

If all else fails, try connecting the keyboard to another computer. If it doesn’t work, it’s probably broken. In this case, have it repaired or try to take it to a shop under warranty.

Damage to the keyboard cable or its connector

Hardware failures are sometimes arrange by the users themselves in the process of disassembling and assembling a laptop. The keyboard is connect to the motherboard with a flimsy cable. It is enough to bend it strongly, and that’s it – contact between the components is lost. It is problematic to replace the wire with a new one or to solder it. When it breaks, they usually buy a new keyboard. The next hardware failure is a broken keyboard connector on the motherboard. The cause of the problem may be an attempt by a home “handyman” to replace the input device. I applied forces incorrectly when moving the clamp, and that’s it – the connector is faulty, you can no longer fix the cable. The best way out is repair in a trusted service. They will replace the connector with a new one, without resorting to dubious methods to resurrect the old one.