If you’re a new parent who is soaking in baby diapers and you’re sick of tying every poopy diaper into a plastic bag to prevent the smell from taking over your home, Diaper Genies are a fantastic solution! Although Diaper Genies seem like basic trash cans to store diapers, there’s much more to their functions than what’s apparent as well. They can also be difficult to comprehend. But, spending some effort and research to find out the best way to use a Diaper Genie is worth it to stop your home free of stinky diapers!

Three of our children are five and under. We use disposable diapers with all three of them as you would expect. Diaper Genies have become a common item in our household in the past few years. We started using one before when the birth of our first child and then purchased another one before when the birth of our second child so that we could have one on every floor of the house We loved it so much! Utilizing them came with an adjustment, but I’m thankful we’ve been able to use both to stop the smell of diapers from spreading all over our home. (It always finds an avenue to spread throughout the house!)

In this post, I’m going to talk about some of the most popular disposable pails, and also what their functions include, as well as take you step-by-step through what you need to do to fill (or refill) or empty the Diaper Genie. I’ve also included an instructional video.

It’s not as hard as it seems!


There’s lots of stress when purchasing baby items. Don’t let finding the most effective diaper pail stand on your shoulders if your home is filled with bad smells. There is a variety available and, while they may have some elegant bells and whistles they all meet the basic purpose of controlling the smell of dirty diapers!

Some of the most popular diaper pails are ones like the Ubbi diaper bag, the Munchkin pail, and, of course, those Diaper Genie Expressions, Elite complete pails. Certain of them permit the use of regular garbage bags, such as Glad Forceflex bags instead of the refills that are proprietary, and some come with double air-tite clamps or UV technology to eliminate the smell of dirty diapers. The ideal diaper bag for your family is dependent on what the ideal size is to meet your budget and requirements. Utilizing regular trash bags in the kitchen can be extremely useful in the long run, however, these types of bags typically cost more initially.

Our top choice for budget and requirements would be Diaper Genie. We own the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete and the Diaper Genie Elite II which have proved to be very reliable through three children. I believe we purchased each of them used! We can confirm their durability. up well, even after frequent usage.


When you’ve used up a lot of diapers, and you’ve got an overflowing bag in your Diaper Genie It’s time to clear the space for more! Follow these steps for the best method of emptying your Diaper Genie and start with a new bag to store those diapers that are dirty for your infant.

1: Unlock the top of the pail.

The way your pail opens could be slightly different based on the model you have. The lower part section of our Diaper Genie Complete opens from the top, and then it is pulled down, whereas the Diaper Genie Elite’s top opens from the middle and the top part is pulled forward. Look for a lever at the bottom of your diaper pail. This will let the bottom part of it. You might also need to press a button for the lever to close (like with it on the Elite Model).

2. Unzip the plastic bag within

Once you’ve opened the top half of the Diaper Genie, pull back the bag to ensure that you have at minimum 6 inches extra length at the top in the bag. (You will require the length needed to secure the top of the bag.)

3. Tear the plastic bag’s top bag

Look for the small blade within the Diaper Genie to assist to tear from the bag’s top. In the full model, the blade is located inside an opening on the top of the opening when you swap your bags. On the Elite it’s inside an opening on the rear of the pail close to the hinge that can push the top forward. It’s a bit more difficult to find.

After you’ve found the slit using a small blade, you can pull the top of your bag over it and cut it out. This will free your bag from the other container “tubing.” Read more about what you can put in your diaper the caddy?.

4 Tie to the bag’s top

After you’ve removed your bag from the bag, secure it to keep out odors. Then place it in your garbage bin or dumpster!

5. Unzip the remainder of the plastic bag

To get the Diaper Genie ready for filling once more, remove the remainder of the bag’s “tube” from the end which you just cut until you reach the bottom of the pail. leave some inches to tie.

6. Bind the top to the bag of plastic

Connect the tubing of your bag that you pulled into the bottom of your pail to stop stinky diapers from getting into the.

7. Seal the top of the pail

Close the top of the pail, and you’re ready for another diaper!

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