How to Choose the Best Domain Name?

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

Domain hosting is a crucial factor in starting the online journey. Newbies mostly feel ambivalent (doubtful) about starting an online business. Well, the next step is deciding to choose an extension. By getting a domain, you can build your web presence.

12 Steps to Choose the Best Domain Name

Brand Naming Agency: UnboxFame Before registeringyou need to consider its name first- a unique name. After that, you can register a domain. The other catch is that over 120,000 domain registers every day, so it’s hard to come up with a unique name.

So, here I am presenting you with 12 steps blueprint guide- after following these steps domain section will not be a challenging task for you. Let us get started!

Step #1: Dodge Dual Letter Words

While choosing an extension, be sure- that you are not allowing your audience to make typos while Domain Research your website. Making typos can result in a significant downfall in your website traffic, which you don’t want.

Step #2: Try to Be Intuitive

The next step is the domain section- your name reflects your web identity on search engines. Multiple web hosting and domain hosting companies claim to offer cheap namesat affordable prices.

We suggest you opt relevant domain for your online business. A relevant domain helps your audience use their institution and guess what your brand/business is about. If you pick a domain pertinent to your niche, it will leave marks on your audience’s minds- they are more likely to remember your name for a long time.

For example, if your blog is about makeup, try to add words that ultimately describe makeup like beauty. 

Step #3: Use Relatable Words 

Step two leads me to step three try to be relatable as much as possible but do not let your name, be limited to a single purpose, try to leave some space so you can expand the domain while expanding your blog- try to keep it flexible. 

For example, if you have a blog for makeup- don’t use the word makeup straightforwardly. Use words that involve makeup synonyms. 

Step #4: Keep It Short & Simple

Do you remember any name- that contains triple or even double letters? No? of course, it’s too hard to remember. No one can remember your lengthy and high vocabulary words. 

People can’t remember words that are hard to pronounce and unfamiliar to them. Avoid using difficult words- prefer to use simple and short names.

Step #5: Add Keywords 

Keywords are the building blocks for your content and blog; myths circulating your name do not require keywords. Duh, they do. Use relevant keywords, and organic traffic will come.

Step #6: Use Geographical Aspect

If you aim to grow a local business, you can target the local geographic aspect. By doing this, you can easily add a geographic location to your website and bring a local target audience. Locations may include the city, country, postal, and zip code.

Step #7: Consider The Targeted Audience 

We humans can be triggered by emotions easily, emotions triggered by using emotive words. Emotive words can add depth to your name- the next time anyone searches your website, they will instantly know who you are and about your website. And if anyone matches your genre- they will find it so relatable and never forget the name.

Step #8: Generic TLD

Well, there are a lot of TDLs available besides the domain. A category of TLD is gTLD- its generic top-level domains. These domains instantly inform your audience without a second guess about your niche.

  • . Social. photographer
  • . business

Step #9: Avoid Being Vague/Double Meaning

It is fine to make things sparkly to intrigue your website, but do not make it vague. The name will let you and your brand grow. Do not make it confusing for your audience- because vagueness confuses. 

Step #10: Check Availability

Well, if you have become overwhelmed by reading all the stuff- and do not come up with a single cool name. I got it, and it is fine- as I have mentioned earlier, millions of words are already registered, and thousands of names register daily. You can use a free domain generator on domain hosting websites to know the domain pricing and whether your desired extension is available or not.

Step #11: Double Check Domain Availability

Now that, you should have come up with a name. Check if the name is still available- if it is available, don’t waste another minute- lock on that name and purchase. If your desired name is available.

Step #12: Domain Contract

If you don’t want to do the homework involved in the domain name, you choose to have an expired domain of an abandoned website. In every contract, the domain provider gives some deadline by which we need to renew it and if we don’t, the domain name becomes expired. 

An expired domain can bring you relative organic traffic- since getting substantial organic traffic needs months to grow. 

To conclude the blog, now you get an idea of how you can choose the best name to start your online journey. One thing I want to mention, you do not need to follow every single step beside that- what you can do is shortlist any 3 to 4 domain names. Let us suppose you chose to use emotive words, geographic location, and add keywords. Now, you got an idea. Congratulations again, and you are good to register a domain. A domain is your website home address; it must be unique, relevant to your niche, and easy to remember.

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