Hanna Andersson Increases Lifetime Value

How Hanna Andersson Increases Lifetime Value


Parents all across the world have a soft spot for the Swedish pajama and clothing brand Hanna Andersson. The company, founded by Gun Denhart in 1983 in Portland, OR, began selling its wares exclusively through catalogues but has since branched out into online retail as well.

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Marketing analyst Morganne Hatfield says that promoting Hanna Andersson’s toddler collection is a challenge. Hanna Andersson coupon offers a good discount. The baby and kids’ bookshelves have been combined.

THE Intended Audience

However, toddlers are a valuable demographic to aim for because “if we can encourage women to discover and fall in love with Hanna Andersson size chart clothes for their early children,

chances are they will become devoted customers as their kids grow, improving their total customer lifetime value (CLV),”


Extending a company’s product catalogue is a major choice with far-reaching ramifications. Morganne needed to figure out the most effective online marketing strategies for Hanna Andersson.
Ways to increase development were not hard to come by.


Now comes the time for experimentation. The Hanna Andersson sizing chart SVP of Digital was an avid proponent of split testing and other data-driven enhancement strategies.
With the help of a well-defined experimental plan, the team was able to quickly and effectively evaluate potential optimizations, draw conclusions from the results, and implement the most promising alternatives. The time for conjecture and infighting amongst members has passed.


Morganne reasoned that if a customer arrived to the site from the toddler section, it would be a good idea to offer a picture of the product scaled down to fit a toddler. My theory was supported by the Hanna Andersson size chart,

which indicated that offering clients options in sizing that were more appropriate for their age would increase sales.


After a short period of preparation and data collecting, the experiment was a smashing success. I was ecstatic with how well it performed;

PLP clicks increased by around 8%, and the buy rate on those goods increased by 22%.
At the time of this evaluation, we only had a limited variety of items in toddler sizes. Because we’ll soon be offering all of our products in these sizes, the revenue impact is significant.
The American Metric System
There is a Hanna Andersson size guide for your perusal.
2 80/85 centimetres 30/34 inches 20/30 pounds (to the nearest entire centimetre).
The dimensions range from 90 3 (34-38 in) and 26-33 lbs (33 pounds)
One metre and four centimetres Size range: 77-84 lb., height: 16-18 in.
Height of 1.8 metres (6 feet) and weight of 45-55 kilos (105- 8 pounds) Sizes 50–54, 52–64 lb.
10 140 centimetres 54-58 inches 62-80 kg
An Even Dozen 150-centimeter Inches: 58-62 75 to 95 kg
14-16 160 cm 88-110 pounds, ages 62-66

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The entire merchandising department was ecstatic.

The test not only improved KPIs in the short term, but it also provided crucial foundational support for marketing the toddler clothing collection.
Morganne added, “At our quarterly review, when I shared these results with our merchandising team, they were happy.” Morganne sums up the significance of the data by saying, “This kind of data-driven information helps us to confidently make strategic investments – this knowledge is tremendously beneficial.”

The use of AB TASTY allows for greater mobility.

The experiment’s success can be attributed in large part to AB Tasty’s ease of use. Without the user-friendly UI and widget library, we would not have had time to make this test ready in under a week.


This is because Morganne may use AB Tasty to conduct her own A/B testing of Hanna Andersson size chart campaigns independently of the rest of the development team. AB Tasty’s Customer Success team has been very helpful and the results we’ve experienced are better than we could have hoped for.
We’ve been able to be more independent and launch campaigns more quickly thanks in large part to the widget collection,

especially the countdown banners and the Net Promoter Score surveys.


The test using the toddler line produced definitive results. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop testing even if this happens. Knowing that perfecting the customer experience is the key to attaining the benefits of experimentation and personalisation,

Morganne intends to keep working toward that goal.
Morganne claims that even though 70% of our traffic comes from mobile devices, there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of converting that traffic.


Kids and their parents will adore that their favourite Sesame Street characters are now available in cosy pyjamas by Hanna Andersson.
On December 10th, a new line of kid’s pyjamas featuring a collaboration between Sesame Street and Swedish clothing brand Hanna Andersson was unveiled,

and it is just as cute as you’d expect. It’s hard to pick a favourite set design when they all feature some of the show’s most beloved characters.


Hanna Andersson is a Swedish children’s clothing and pajama company that is beloved by parents all over the world. Gun Denhart started the company in 1983 in Portland, Oregon; it began as a catalogue business but has now expanded into the booming e-commerce market. Five new ensembles of pajamas for children are available in the Sesame Street x Hanna Andersson series, with sizes ranging from 85 cm to 150 cm, or 2T to 12. (unfortunately, this is not a collection of matching family pajamas).
Choose from four different options: a long-sleeved blouse featuring the likeness of Cookie Monster, Elmo,

Big Bird, or Oscar the Grouch, and a pair of long pants featuring the classic Hanna Andersson stripe design in complementary colors.