Goodr Sunglasses And Its New Hype

When we first started selling Goodr Glasses, I was immediately smitten with them. Recently, I discovered that The Run Experience also lists them as a favorite brand of sunglasses. (I just adore those guys!) After hearing so much about them, I knew I had to put them to the test for myself to see if they were worth the hype.

A Little More Subdued

My preference is for something a little more subdued, but whether you’re into really bright colors or like something a little bit more subdued, there is a pair out there for you! Being a flamboyant wild haired kind of running lady, I definitely chose for one of the super brilliantly colored pairs.

Prevent Slipping And Bouncing

In addition to looking excellent, the brand Goodr Discount Code claims that their sunglasses are able to prevent slipping and bouncing, are polarize and offer protection from UV rays. If you would like additional information, please watch this official video for Goodr Glasses.  Is this little offbeat Californian firm all talk and no action, or do its sunglasses live up to their reputation for quality.

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All-Important Cut For Necessary

Would they be able to withstand my final long run before the marathon, which was 20 miles, and make the all-important cut for necessary marathon gear, or do they just look beautiful but slide down your nose after a few sweaty miles?

Unboxing Goodr Sunglasses

The presentation of these Goodr Glasses in their case is just stunning. fore I got this package, I would have said that I’m not really into packing, but it turns out that it is something that I notice whether it’s done well or when it’s done poorly.

A Sturdy Cardboard Box

The sunglasses themselves come packag in a sturdy cardboard box. Which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also quite convenient because it can use to store the sunglasses when they are not being worn. This has a microfiber pouch that may used to clean the lenses of your Goodr Glasses while also protecting them from scratches. Again, this is not just fashionable but also functional.

Our Great Good Fortune

This is not a problem because the entire blurb is written in a pretty jokey way, and part of it is actually quite amusing. But if they start talking in the voice of the product, like a certain smoothie brand that was just acquire by a beverages behemoth, I would sick into my handy little microfiber bag and throw up. To our great good fortune, it stops short of crossing that twee line.

First Impressions Of Goodr

I decided to go with the vivid blue glasses from Goodr Glasses Fever Dream, but I also purchased a set of simple black glasses from A Ginger’s Soul for a buddy who isn’t as outgoing. After I had removed them from their packaging, the very first thing that sprang to my mind was, Wow, those are BRIGHT! Excellent! because it is self-evident that if I didn’t enjoy bright colors.

A Passing Concern

I wouldn’t have purchased them in the first place. And the black ones appeared to be the epitome of sophistication and slickness (aforementioned friend absolutely LOVES them too).

As I first put them on my face, I had a passing concern that I might be able to see the bright blue frames in my periphery Goodr Glasses vision. However, this wasn’t at all a problem when I was jogging in fact, it didn’t even cross my mind once (see below).

Being Quite Light And Comfy

 On my face, they gave the impression of being quite light and comfy. I have a set of outrageously expensive Goodr Glasses that I constantly think I want to wear. When I put them on, they are so fitted to the face that my eyelashes touch the lenses, and sweat (sorry for being gross but real) gets trappe within the glasses! None of those problems occurred with them, as the fit was excellent and they did not interfere with anything.

First Run With Goodr

The first time I used these, I went for a run that was four miles long.I rode my bike to meet up with the running club I was leading, so it was crucial that my eyewear was suitable for use while cycling (i.e., the arms wouldn’t press against my ears. And there were no problems.

Made By The Manufacturer

In reference to my concern that I could see the frames in the periphery of my vision while riding the bike or running, I must say that I was completely unaware of this phenomenon. Because they are so light and comfortable to wear, I actually forgot I was wearing them, and I can personally attest to the statements made by the manufacturer that they are non-slip and don’t bounce around.  They don’t feel attached to your face at all, unlike the terminator-style Goodr Glasses  I have, but they just sit there being all comfortable. I have no idea how they manage to pull it off. It could be the result of witchcraft.

They Were Wet

Despite the fact that the promotional material claims they build the frame with a special grip coating that prevents slipping even when the wearer is sweating, When I was running, I get very sweaty but those Goodr Glasses didn’t slied at all and I didn’t even mind that they were wet. The solution worked.

Second Run With Goodr

My problem is that some pieces of equipment (socks, bras, shoes, or whatever else) work perfectly well for shorter runs. But for anything longer than a half marathon distance.They start to really niggle or chafe or whatever else the problem may be. I’m sure this isn’t an uncommon problem. As a result, I reasoned that I ought to test them out on a further distance.

Ability To Prevent Slipping

Aside from that, I want to wear these for my next marathon (because I’ve heard from multiple credible sources that this warm weather is going to continue into October. so I want to make sure that they don’t suddenly lose their ability to prevent slipping after a certain distance, like 10 miles or something.

They Actually Don’t Bounce

I put them to the test by running a distance of twenty miles in training. I have to admit that they performed quite well. They actually don’t bounce, despite the fact that the non-slip Goodr Glasses coating withstood some serious perspiration on the face. They did not produce any steam either. At mile 20, they were just as light and comfortable as they had been at mile.