Glass wall: 5 ideas for your interior

XXL window, workshop canopy, glass door… The glass wall comes in various forms with the promise of always providing more light and visually enlarging the space. Whether you want to create a separation, break down the borders with the outside or bring light through your living space, this wall covering is ideal and original.

How to choose it and integrate it into your decoration? What are the most appropriate spaces for these ultra-trendy partitions and canopies? Follow our experts for a transparent overview.

3 reasons to choose a glass wall

  1. Replacing an entire section of wall with glass is a particularly trendy construction or renovation. These XXL windows have the advantage of providing plenty of light. At a time when the need to reconnect with nature and the environment is increasingly strong, the glass wall offers you a natural setting with breathtaking views. You will love it for the wonderful show it will offer you every day from your living room or your bedroom!
  2. An interior glass wall has the enormous advantage of separating without isolating. Indeed, it makes it possible to create a partition between two spaces, to create intimacy, while maintaining visual contact and the passage of light. It then offers a feeling of grandeur with a through view and an impression of airy space despite the sound and thermal separation. Its powers of isolation are immense. Perfect for small apartments for example!
  3. Finally, the glass wall allows to divide while illuminating. The light is present, and even sometimes increased tenfold thanks to the reflections of the material, despite the delimitation created. An XXL window is a real skylight: forget your lamps and enjoy the natural light. A glass wall also allows heat to enter if it is oriented favourably.

Which glass to choose for an interior glass partition?

It is obvious that we do not choose just any glass for our door, partition or glass roof. Here are the ones that work best:

  • Laminated or laminated glass: made up of at least two thick panes each separated by interlayer polyvinyl butyral films, laminated glass is particularly resistant. Impossible to break it during an impact.
  • Tempered glass: 2 to 5 times more resistant than conventional glass, because it is heated to a very high temperature and then cooled by a jet of air! If broken, tempered glass shatters into small, blunt pieces. It is considered a resistant and safety glass.
  • Acoustic glass: this insulating glass offers great resistance to noise.

Integrate a canopy into a bedroom

In a relatively large master bedroom, the glass wall has its place. Indeed, this room also hosting a private bathroom, the separation of the two functions of this space can be done with a more or less transparent wall.

Separate the sleeping area from the bathroom area

In a parental suite, the installation of a sliding or fixed glass partition is ideal. A workshop glass partition, with a black metal structure, creates an industrial loft atmosphere. If the cleats are made of wood, it is a wabi-sabi or japandi universe that emerges from your room.

With a completely transparent wall, which delimits the shower space from the night space, you will obtain a modern and refined style.

Finally, smoked or opaque glass, as well as glass bricks (be careful, however, of the weight of these on your floor) allow you to maintain privacy in your bathroom area.

Bring light into a room without windows

Your room surely benefits from a beautiful opening on the outside bringing in natural light. Often bathrooms don’t have it, and it’s sometimes frustrating to only have artificial light to get ready. By separating the bedroom and the bathroom with a glass wall, you bring light into a room without windows and restore this inequality! Click for more at Homary!

To maximize the passage of natural light, opt for transparent glass rather than colored or opaque. The workshop canopies, complete or only on a part, will be ideal and will bring character to your sleeping area. In addition, a full canopy, a classic or sliding door allows you to completely isolate the rooms, and protect you from the humidity of the bathroom..

Glass decoration and glass separation: 3 inspirations for each room

It’s not just the bedroom and the bathroom that deserve their glass wall! Each room in the house can be reinvented with this type of decoration and installation.

  1. In a living room overlooking a dining room, imagine a glass partition to delimit the space of the two rooms. With a single opening, or a door, a workshop-type canopy with large panes lets light through and floods the room.
  2. In a bathroom, walk-in showers continue to be trendy. With a simple wall in transparent tempered glass, you benefit from light in this sometimes darker corner of the room. For preserved privacy, some walls have an opaque part.
  3. Finally, some spaces in your home are by nature less provided with natural light. This is for example the case of the vestibule or entrance hall, as well as stairs. In the latter, to ensure everyone’s safety while allowing light to penetrate to the top of the steps, opt for a glass wall or railing. To create a separate entrance while allowing light to flow from the living room, for example, a glass trellis is ideal. Up to you!