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To be sure, you may get prints created of your digital images at places like Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and Target. In fact, many of my close friends and family members have been doing just that for quite some time. However, I’ve only lately begun utilizing FreePrints since me really like receiving FREE copies of my photographs every month for a low shipping expense ranging from $1.99 to $9.99,

Depending on the precise number of photographs desired and whether or not you want higher sizes). I’ve been using Free Prints App for a while now to receive free picture prints, And I couldn’t be happier with the quality or the ridiculously cheap shipping cost! Since I only ever write about products I use, I thought I’d tell my fellow digital photography fans about this free tool I’ve found for printing photos.

How Freeprints Works

Use the FreePrints app from Photo Affections and get 10 free prints in addition to free delivery on your first buy. Money or a credit card are not necessary in any way. Avail discount through Free Prints Promo Code

I like how simple it is to test out the software and check for yourself how well it prints. In less than 5 minutes, I joined up, selected the 10 photographs I wanted, and completed my first purchase all without providing any financial information.

Photos saved digitally on a phone or on the cloud make it simple to pick and select which ones to print. With this software, choosing images from many sources, such as

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Photos
  • Flickr
  • Dropbox

Are These Free Prints Really Worth It

At first, I wasn’t sure whether Free Prints App was a good offer since there is a nominal shipping price on each purchase of 85 free prints per month. Consequently, I performed the math. The shipping cost is $9.99 if you order the maximum number of prints in a month (85).

Plus $6.59 delivery, that comes out to only 4 cents each print, which is competitive with the cost at most convenience stores. Ordering digital prints is worth it to me because of how easy it is to make a selection and have them sent directly to my home.

It was a Sirius radio commercial that introduced me to Free Prints App. But before I make a first-time purchase, I carefully research customer reviews.

Want Free Photo Books

Photo Affections, the same firm, offers a similar service, but for no cost, in the form of Free Prints App picture albums. One free 57 photobook is available per month. (Today, I placed my first order. Soon, I’ll add my thoughts on the picture books here. 20-page photobooks are perfect for:

Gift Ideas

Are you planning any special events like a wedding, baby shower, birthday, or retirement?

Vacation Photos

What a great idea it would be to choose some of your best shots right when you return home and make a coffee table book out of them!

Special Occasions 

Celebrations of life milestones such as anniversaries, weddings, births, and graduations.

Baby Books

A wonderful method to keep track of your child’s development month by month (or year by year)!

FreePrints Photo Printing: Features

First, Free Prints App is in quotes because nothing is really free. However, shipping costs $2–$15 every purchase. Most online picture printing providers charge more for delivery than this. You’ll have to pay for everything you want beyond the first 85 4×6 prints, one 20-page 5×7 paperback picture book, and one 8×8 wall tile. For instance, you must pay for a second 4×6.

No rolling over; you’ll pay for photographs above 85 each month. Print sizes cost extra. You’ll pay for bigger picture books, hardback books, and more pages. It’s like a subscription box service, except you just receive what you want and there’s no monthly price or obligation. I purchased two 4×6, an 8×10, a 20×30, and a picture book. Ink, a separate vendor that works with Free Prints App, sent me one card.

Freeprints Photo Printing: What I Like

I like how enjoyable and simple it is to use Free Prints App to purchase picture albums and other keepsakes. The monthly subscription box vibe is appealing to me, and I enjoy that there is no commitment or additional expense beyond what you buy. Including though you have to pay for delivery on everything, even the free stuff, the pricing are fair. The quality of everything I’ve gotten has been satisfactory.

Freeprints Photo Printing: What I Don’t Like

There’s a problem with the package. The postal carrier twisted my 8×10 photograph and crammed it into my mailbox despite the warning on the envelope: PHOTOS – DO NOT BEND.

For this reason, it was delivered in a somewhat crooked condition. The 20×30 poster also had its edges curled since it was wrapped into a tube. Putting books on the corners overnight didn’t help, but it gradually calmed down. Unfortunately, online ordering is currently unavailable. However, ordering images and photo gifts via FreePrints on your mobile device is a lot of fun.

The Bottom Line

The lack of obligation is, in my view, the finest feature of the Free Prints App and the FreePrints Photobooks app. You don’t have to sign up for anything to get your hands on the no-cost prints and picture albums, though.

In fact, you may uninstall the app and never hear from the firm again after your first free purchase (which includes delivery). While I have purchased from them more than once,

I probably won’t keep ordering the same 85 prints every month (at a cost of 4 cents each print plus $6.59 for postage). And it’s nice to know I have this easy choice for future picture prints and presents for loved ones.