EHR systems improve Quality for patients

EHR systems have greatly improved the healthcare system in every dimension. Performing repeated administrative tasks has never been so easy before. It’s been the digitized version of medical paper records, and has proved to be a reliable source. Therefore, ONC has provided the recommendation of CEHRT for MIPS reporting. We as a MIPS consulting company believe that EHR not only does the appointment scheduling to medical billing. Its productivity can cover the whole medical world, including MIPS measures reporting to ACO reporting.

Moving ahead with ONC’s recommendation, those who still lack the updated EHR can get our MIPS consulting service. While, we are more focused in this blog about the effectiveness and role play of CEHRT in enhancing the care quality.

The Worth of EHR in Medical Practices

 If we go back in history, we will overlook the suffering of the healthcare system with conventional paper records. No doubt they were not safe and we could not access them quickly. Many times, we have lost the patient demographic histories by a little carelessness. Therefore, EHR software was a great help from healthcare IT. It is very much clear that EHRs were not designed with such vast applications. But, its face-paced functionalities and modern features gave it the hype. And soon, we have started using it in QPP programs like ACO reporting and MIPS reporting. The amazing variables behind immense utility of EHR systems are;

  • Diagnostic Procedures Records
  • Demographic Histories
  • Problem Listing
  • Prescribed Medications Details
  • Patient Laboratory Data

If a software is providing you with every piece of information about the patient in front of you in just a few clicks, don’t you think it’s a great help?

Our MIPS consulting guides you how EHRs can facilitate you in information capture, exchange and patient care delivery. Alongside, EHR systems are the modern means of electronic communication between concerned entities. This communication can be between patient/doctor, doctor/doctor, doctor/nursing staff and others. The EHR system has enabled medical decision making slightly simpler. That’s why many organizations have outsourced third-party intermediaries like us. We offer them MIPS consulting service by not compromising the MIPS measures. We amble them with CEHRT for all administrative and MIPS data collection records. We can say that EHR have assisted healthcare to generate remarkable health outcomes throughout.

EHR in Preventive Care; Preventable Diseases are Manageable Today

Advanced research on disease and their cause and effects, healthcare sector have a huge. Here, we EHRs are interoperable for preventive care roles. Thus, it can pay a significant contribution in spreading disease awareness. So, we can forward potent health templates for patient awareness. As a consequence, patients will be prompt to schedule their routine check up appointments on time.   

Basically, the EHR incorporation for preventive care roles can highly alert the patients for completing their screening phase. Moreover, EHR tools identify the patient’s risks and habits if operated wisely. So, the providers are left with ample time to serve their patients with the best of their services.

Hence, the EHR system has been a helping hand for improving the patient care standards. P3Care can take advantage of these developments for the treatment of preventive diseases. We help you score high MIPS scores with our MIPS Consulting services for this role.

EHR-enabled Patient Portals for More Patient Participation

On cloud-based EHRs, the patient profile is accessible wherever and anywhere. Thus, communication between patients and providers is simple. This interaction aids in making smart decisions regarding patient health records. Numerous incurable diseases have been plaguing us for a very long time. In all of these situations, patients require constant help from doctors. With this approach, we can overcome the increasing number of deaths caused by neglect.

Therefore, EHR patient portals can perform excellent services for improving patient engagement. Patients and providers can have prompt communication through the EHR system. Then, the clinician may identify the risk symptoms before any complications. It also enables medical professionals to approach patients more proactively.

Positive Care Coordination via EHRs

We’ve witnessed that different medical professionals treat a single patient during their stay. They include doctors, specialists, nurses, receptionists, and a number of other professionals. Each of them develops a distinct perspective on their patient condition. Thus, they employ various approaches to dealing with patients. Their ability to communicate across all disjointed information and symptom clusters has been empowered by the EHR system. They are able to gather a fine decision regarding the patient’s health. That’s how we can avoid any erroneous communication tangles. Patient health data could well be organized and integrated by EHRs. It has increased the healthcare system’s  productivity and reduced workloads.

Cybersecurity Issues Resolved by CEHT

Patient wait times are decreased by using patient portals and appointment scheduling software. Additionally, they improve doctor-patient communication, boost revenue, and raise patient satisfaction levels. Patients may easily and comfortably submit their prescriptions online due to features like e-prescribing. Likewise, CEHRT helps a lot in saving data submission during MIPS. MIPS consulting emphasis on the deployment of EHR for this purpose.


EHRs are, in fact, profoundly transforming the healthcare industry. It features patient-centered records containing histories of their medical conditions and treatments, which are only accessed by authorized individuals. The ideal tools for medical practitioners are provided by the EHR system. Because of its secure and compatible features and extensive reports, it offers a complete and comprehensive assessment of the patient’s treatment. As a consequence, we are using it for reporting MIPS measures. Companies like ours that provide MIPS consulting services help providers manage their EHR systems effectively. If not, they will have difficulty obtaining the highest performance criterion for positive MIPS payouts.

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