Ductwork Sizing: Finding the Right Fit for Your HVAC System

The right size of the ductwork corroborates your HVAC system and will always work flawlessly. However, if the ducts are small in size, they will consume more energy and the system will work harder. According to the HVAC contractors in Athens GA, the oversized ducts have capacity to reduce the air velocity and air will go into the room without you realizing. The HVAC ductwork sizing has a very complex formula, but here are some important things for making your overview easy to understand. The next section will discuss how to calculate the ductwork size. 

Square Footage

The first thing you have to do is to measure the size of your entire house and each room. You can hire the HVAC contractors in Athen, GA for the measurements of your house or rooms. They will use the measuring tape for calculating the length and width of every room. After that the technicians will multiply the numbers to get the total square footage and extract the final value of each space. However, those rooms have odd-shape appearance, the technician will divide them into the parts that are in rectangular shape for calculating the final measurements. 

Procedure of Friction Loss Rate

For knowing the friction factor, the experts at the Superior Air Management will know the static air pressure through the full length of the duct. However, knowing the air pressure has a big impact on the air flow. The friction loss rate usually affects or impacts on the duct length, number of coils, filters, registers , grills, damper, and turn. This is one of the most complex procedures and it demands an experienced contractor for this procedure. 

Cubic Feet Per Minute or CFM 

The process of the cubic feet per minute or CFM is simple because the experts at the HVAC contractors in Athens, GA multiply the size of the HVAC units by 400. Now, they will divide the answer with the total number of the home square footage to determine the total CFM. 

Moreover, there is a separate calculator for measuring the duct sizing and for the determination of other things. The HVAC contractors often use the special calculating tools or sometimes software for the final conclusion. But if you want to perform this procedure on your own, you have to be good at mathematical calculations. 

Important Pointers on the Duct Size

This section will highlight the differences between the Duct size and CFM: 

  • The round ducts are always available in the flexible form. 
  • However, some ducts are also available in metal pipe forms. 
  • Besides, the duct size which is 5 inches in size has a design airflow of 50. 

What are the Indications for Replacing the Ductsize?

The improper installation of the duct size from the HVAC repair company in Athens GA imparts a major role. Normally, the ducts are an integral part of the air conditioning and ventilation system. 

If one of your rooms has improper installation of the duct or improper size, you need to consult with the experts. Sometimes, the undersized duct is a significant disaster for air circulation when it restricts the airflow and the HVAC unit starts to strain. This procedure consumes more energy and it affects the electricity bills. 

Unlimited Utility Bills 

Do you ever notice that you are paying an increased amount of the utility bill whenever you add new electronics at your home? Let me explain to you why it happens. Normally, the HVAC uses the most electric energy to operate and this process leads to high utility bills. If you see such problems with the ducts, there must be an issue with the air circulation units. Sometimes, the holes or leaks in the ducts lose the air pressure which is important for the optimal operation of the HVAC unit. 

ODD Noises

According to the Athens GA HVAC companies, the HVAC produces an acceptable level of noise or sound during the regular operation. But when sound becomes unbearable, this indicates that something is wrong in the ducts. Commonly, ducts are made of plastic and fiberglass material. 

When the ducts become loose, they start noise from the duct system which becomes unbearable. Also, some ducts have holes in the walls, and you can easily hear the howling sounds as air flows over. 

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