Different Types of Roti Maker: Why Roti Maker is Becoming Popular?

A roti maker is not a new device in the market. In the past few decades, it has gained much popularity due to its benefits and useful features. Many people have gained many advantages through the use of this machine. A roti maker has made the lives of many people much easier than before.

A roti or flatbread is a very commonly use food item in South East Asian countries. It is a staple food for many people. They use it in combination with other foods like vegetable or meat curries, etc. a roti is a very healthy and filling food item. It is mostly made with wheat flour or all-purpose flour which makes it a healthy and full of nutritious meal item.

Types of Roti Maker

A roti maker machine is widely available in the market under different brand names of different companies. However, not all of them are worth buying, and nor do they have the same quality. If you are planning to buy a roti maker, then you have to do proper research before in order to get the best product that can fulfill your needs and requirements in a better way.

There are three main types of roti makers which are describe below.

·        Manual Roti Maker

In this type of roti maker, you have to knead the dough and then have to make extra soft dough balls. After that, you place the dough balls in the roti maker and press the lid to flatten the ball into the shape of a roti. The lid is heat to cook the roti. The roti is then bake and puff under the heat lid at an optimum temperature. This is a very common type of roti maker. All famous brands have nearly one model of this type of roti maker because it is also in huge demand in the market.

· Semi-Automatic Roti Maker

This type of roti maker is also very popular among users. It is more advanced as compared to manually operated roti makers. The semi-automatic roti makers need very less or minimum human supervision. These machines are very efficient and can easily make 600-900 rotis in an hour. However, they are mostly prefer in the commercial sector like restaurants, etc because they are very expensive and huge in size. They cannot easily fit into a normal kitchen.

·        Smart Roti Maker

In today’s world of smart gadgets, smart roti makers are becoming very popular due to their beneficial features and advantages. It is a very useful item for people with busy schedules. You only have to pour in the ingredients and press a few buttons. The rest is done by the smart roti maker. It is very easy to use and can conveniently be fit inside a normal kitchen as it is nearly the size of an average microwave. The smart roti maker will make soft, fluffy rotis for you in less than 90 seconds.

Why Roti Makers are becoming Popular?

There is no doubt in the fact that roti makers have provided convenience and ease for many people. This and many other benefits have contributed to making the roti makers popular. Some of the most attractive features and benefits of roti makers are below.

1.     More Rotis in Less Time

One of the most beneficial features of a roti maker that has helped to make this machine popular is that it helps people to save time. You can make a great number of chapattis in very less time with the help of a roti maker. A smart or automatic roti maker can easily make 200-600 rotis in an hour. This means that this machine is not only beneficial for the residential sector ut for the commercial sector as well.

2.     Healthier Rotis

A roti maker has an even heat distribution system. Due to this feature, this machine is capable of making evenly baked rotis every time. Not only will you get tastier rotis but they will be healthy and full of nutrition as well. When a roti is cook with even heat distribute all over, it is well bake and not over or undercook. This not only helps to increase the taste but a well-cooked roti is more nutritious as well.

3.     Easy to Use

Another advantageous feature of a roti-making machine is that it is very easy to use. Once it is install at a proper place in your kitchen, then you only have to learn once how to operate the machine. Even a person with no experience in the kitchen can easily and quickly learn how to operate the machine and make rotis in very less time and with very less effort.

4.     Helps to Save Money

A roti-making machine is not only helpful as it saves time but it also saves money. This machine takes less time and less human effort for making chapattis as compared to the traditional method of roti making. In the traditional method, a roti is cooked over a stove on the griddle. It requires much heat and more gas is consume as the process is also time taking. However, in the case of a roti maker, the process is quick due to which you can make more rotis in less time and by using a very less amount of electricity. In this way, you can easily save money on monthly utility bills.

Summary We hope that the above-mentioned features of a roti-making machine will help you to make the decision whether how much beneficial a roti makers can be for you and your kitchen. The above-mentioned points are the reasons why roti makers are becoming popular every day.