Check out Amazing Hulu Original Movies!

There’s no denying that Hulu has become a go-to streaming service for many TV and movie fans. Hulu has a big selection of original shows and movies, as well as a lot of old and new titles. You need to take advantage of these great films!

We’re not talking about one that’s been made by a big studio, which means it probably won’t be as good. We’re talking about the kind of movies you can only find best movies on hulu, and they’re incredible! But wait, Hulu is only accessible in the UK; what if you reside in the Philippines? No need to panic! Even after geo-restrictions, you can now watch Hulu in Philippines, in a simple way.

Check out these amazing movies below, and remember to subscribe to Hulu so you can watch them all!

1. The Hollars

In this comedy-drama from 2016, John Hollar, played by John Krasinski, is an artist who is having trouble making it in New York City. When his mother gets a brain tumor, he returns to his small Missouri hometown to take care of her. The film also stars Anna Kendrick, Margo Martindale, and Sharlto Copley and was directed by Krasinski.

2. The Path

The Path is a 2016 thriller about a family who joins a controversial cult known as Meyerism. Aaron Paul stars as Eddie Lane, a man who doubts the group and its leader (played by Hugh Dancy). The series also stars Michelle Monaghan and Kyle Allen.see sweetolivia leaked video from here

3. Casual

Casual is a dark comedy that premiered on Hulu in 2015. It follows the story of Valerie (played by Michaela Watkins), a recently divorced mother who moves in with her younger brother (Tommy Dewey) and his girlfriend (Tara Lynne Barr). The three navigate the ups and downs of dating and relationships in Los Angeles.

4. Chance

In the 2016 psychological thriller Chance, Hugh Laurie plays Dr. Eldon Chance, a neuropsychiatrist in San Francisco who gets involved with a patient (Gillian Jacobs) who may have multiple personality disorder. The series also stars Ethan Suplee, Stefania LaVie Owen, and Clarke Peters.

5. Not okay

Not Okay was made for today’s time. In the movie, Danny, a young woman, goes on a journey. At her most mature age, she wants fame and money more than ever. Her desire to be well-known sends her to a different part of the world and then to the city of love, Paris. When her desperation puts her in a life-or-death situation, the new crime/drama movies take a scary and dangerous turn.

6. The valet

The love story and comedy in the Hulu movie are a lot of fun. When a well-known movie star is put in the worst public relations nightmare possible, she thinks quickly and adds a third person to her marriage. As she is being photographed with her husband, she is forced to take drastic steps to make things right. She tries to bring the naive valet boy into her famous life so he can pose as her new boyfriend. Will she be able to get away, or will her fame and money fall apart when her secret comes out?

7. Bad hair

Some people’s hair is curly, some are frizzy, and some are straight, but have you ever heard of “bloodthirsty” hair? Your bad hair is a mix of comedy and horror, two very different stories. When the young girl gets a weave in her hair to fit in with the world of music television, she realizes that something doesn’t feel right. The movie then shows how her new hair has its own mind. Yes! The girl can’t stop the bloodthirsty hair from going on a killing spree. Everything, even if it meant ruining her music career, is a dream she wants to realize.

8. I am Greta

I am Greta. It is a great choice to see something with more personality. Greta Thunberg was supposed to be in school, but she packed up to go on a much more important mission. When she realized that climate change would hurt her future, she planned to sit outside the parliament and demand that something be done. The movie is about how fast the climate is changing for the worse and how that will affect the future of our children and other people.

9. Vacation friends

If comedy is what you’re looking for, we have comedy for you. The first time Kyla, Ron, Marcus, and Emily met was in Mexico. The couples meet each other and become friends through all the weird parties and drugs. Marcus and Emily thought it was just a trip, but for Ron and Kyla, it was much more than that. They promise to leave after they leave Mexico. What happened in Mexico stays where it happened. Ron and Kyla don’t seem to think so when they appear at Marcus and Emily’s wedding without being invited. You can use a VPN to get around Hulu’s restrictions and watch Vacation Friends on Hulu in Mexico.

10. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project is a comedy show on Hulu that was made by Mindy Kaling and stars her as Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a successful OB/GYN who is looking for love and trying to keep her personal and professional lives in balance. The show also stars Chris Messina, Ed Weeks, Ike Barinholtz, and Beth Grant.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re in the mood for a laugh-out-loud comedy, a heart-wrenching drama, or a suspenseful thriller, Hulu has an original movie that is sure to fit the bill. So why not take advantage of all the streaming services offered and give one (or more!) of these great films a watch? You won’t be disappointed!