Bmw battery replacement cost in Dubai?

For electric vehicles, the BMW batteries are the most crucial component. It’s the bmw battery replacement that’s the vehicle’s engine. In a vehicle that’s electric usually lasts for over 10 years and can last for up to 20 years if well maintained. The cost of replacing batteries is expensive and is essential to consider it into your budget. Take a look at the expenses needed for replacing the batteries in your vehicle that’s electric and the ways you can extend the life of your bmw battery replacement.

Car battery requires a replacement and how often is it required in Dubai?

A car battery that’s electrically powered requires replacement because it eventually loses capacity to store charge. The time needed to replace it will depend on the type of battery that is used, but typically it’s between 10 and 20 years. There are a variety of reasons for this to occur. The electrodes in the battery become degraded as time passes because of frequent usage. The battery’s electrolyte is drained, which results in a decrease in conductivity.

The sealing around the battery case is damaged and allows air and moisture to enter the battery case and further harm the electrodes and electrolytes.

If the owners don’t alter the battery of their electric vehicle when it gets depleted, the vehicle will experience a decline in both power and range. Based on the type of battery used, it could be an expense of several hundreds of thousands.

What is the cost of replacing an automobile battery powered by electric power?

Thanks to technological advancements and the growing concern for the environment increasing numbers of people are switching to electric vehicles. What happens when an electric vehicle requires an upgrade of its battery? What is the cost of replacing of the battery in a car cost?

The cost of replacing the battery in your vehicle will differ according to a number of variables, such as the model and design of the vehicle and the type of battery you require. Let’s review some of the most loved EV models in the market today and then compare the cost to replace their battery:

Tesla Model:

While the official Tesla website doesn’t offer the exact cost for the service. The estimated cost is approximately $15,799.27 in order to repair the battery with an professional.

This amount includes the cost of the battery, which is $13,500, as in the labor cost to replace it. If individuals feel confident in performing the job themselves, they’ll save money on labor costs. But, unless they’re certain that they’ll finish the task in a safe and efficient manner. It’s recommended to delegate the task to professionals.

Chevy Volt:

On the basis of estimates. Price for a brand-new battery and the associated labor could be at least $16,250 for a 6 kWh battery. This does not include the cost of installing the battery, that is estimated to cost around $870. This figure comes taken from the year of 2018. Due to a massive recall of these batteries in recent months due to a manufacturing defect.

But, the price can differ since some drivers have found batteries on sites such. As eBay which are priced at less than the prices that dealerships or auto repair shops are charging. A model manufactured from 2016 to 2018 was purchased for $3000 when compared to the model. Which may cost much more than 10,000! The takeaway is to be able to compare prices and avoid counterfeits or other items that could invalidate warranties.


In 2016, BMW has disclosed the cost of $16,000 for bmw battery replacement of 22 kWh batteries in models i3. In recent months, however, 22 kWh batteries are purchased on eBay for just $2,500. This is a huge savings , and suggests that. The replacement of the battery in a BMW i3 could be much lower than first was thought.

It’s equally important to make sure that you buy a top quality battery when you’re thinking of purchasing an used.

Nissan Leaf:

The installation of a brand new battery to Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf can be a cheaper alternative than similar ones. A battery with 24 kWh will cost around $4500, while labor expenses can add $1000 to the total cost. Many owners believe it’s worth it because it can significantly extend the lifespan of their car and bmw battery replacement.

The price can vary depending on where the vehicle is driven to complete the task as per a quote provided by an auto dealer. Who offered the owner $15,000 (CAD) for the purpose of fix the battery. In order to boost the capacity of the battery in your vehicle is going to cost you more.

How can you keep the battery of your EV in top condition?

Batteries for electric vehicles can be expensive. If they’re not maintained properly, they can be depleted of their charge fast.

Here are some tips to keep your electric car’s battery in top shape:

Take care to clean the batteries. The accumulation of dust and other particles could build up on the contacts of the battery, causing corrosion.

Keep the battery charged. If you let the battery in an electric vehicle run down. It will cause stress to the battery, which could reduce the battery’s life. Maintain the battery within the 50% range at all times.

Store the battery in a secure location. If you don’t plan to drive your electric car for a long period of time. It’s essential to make sure that your battery is appropriately stored. Batteries must be stored in a cool, dry location, particularly before charging.

Avoid extreme temperatures. Extreme cold or heat can result in damage to the battery of an electric vehicle. Maintain it within 32-86 degrees Fahrenheit if it is feasible.

Use the correct battery charger specifically designed for electric cars. If you choose the wrong charger, it may cause harm to the battery. So, make sure the charger you use which has been specifically designed for electric cars service b mercedes.