Autism Mothers Speak Out

Overcoming Adversity: An Aaliyah Thompson Story

Aaliyah’s medical doctor told me there is no shortage of wonder and rewarding experiences in the world, even if Aaliyah’s life doesn’t resemble the one I might’ve anticipated for her. But one thing he didn’t know I anticipated greatnesses for her.

He said you should always keep these things in mind.
I never put these things in my mind. I just listen to what he had to say.

He said…

She might never speak.
She might never look you in the eye.
She might never go to prom.
She might never go to college.
she’s might never be able to drive.
She might never have a romantic partner. She might never get married.
She might never have children of her own.

I said to him
I want you to know that whether or not she grows up to have a ‘normal’ life isn’t the most important thing to me at this time.
So I am making sure you telling me she doesn’t have a deadly illness.
He said no.
I told him I am so happy and grateful you telling me
Because Aaliyah will have a normal life. Aaliyah will be the first billionaire in my family.

I knew there was a place in this world for my daughter.

I had faith, I believed in her possibilities.
I knew she would make a difference.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support her. #autismawareness #autismacceptance #autismmom#autismspeak
We have so many news outlet, radio, tv that want to interview her. Look at God!