Best Way To Operate A Hair Dryer

Hair Dryers or Blow Dryers are essential products for grooming, but that does not mean that you should replace them frequently. Maybe you are thinking about investing in another one because the current one is not working the same as before when you first bought it. Lets discuss how to use Best Way to operate a Hair dryer.

Hair dryers or blow dryers last longer when they are properly maintained. Keep reading till the end to find out more about it!

Tips To Increase The Longevity Of Hair Dryers

Here are a few tips to operate a hair or blow dryer for long-term use:

1. Clean It Properly

Do not just clean your blow dryer for namesake only. You need to clean it precisely. It is recommended that you use a soft cloth to clean the dryer’s surface. Then apply only a tiny amount of alcohol into the air vent of the dryer; after that, use a toothbrush to clean it. 

This helps in removing the build-up of dirt, if any, that might have occurred. Next, what you need to do is – remove the attachments and then clean them with a soft cloth too. After all of these are over, allow them all to air dry, then reassemble them back together.

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2. Frequently Check For The Accumulation Of Hair And Dirt In The Dryer

Try to check frequently for any accumulation of hair and debris in the machine. You can do this atleast once every month. Remove the debris or buildup of dirt very carefully by using a cotton bud or by using the tips of your fingers. Do not try to do this while the machine is still plugged in, as that can lead to accidents happening in Best Way to operate a Hair dryer.

Make sure you unplug the device before cleaning it. 

3. Give It A Rest

If you notice that your blow-drying device is becoming hot frequently, then it is time for you to give it a rest in the sense that you stop using it for quite a while. Give it a day or two’s worth of rest, and it should be back to working normally with no problems. The best way to operate a hair dryer is to give it its much-needed rest.

4. Try Servicing It After Long Gaps

I bet you are hearing this for the first time in your life – servicing a hair dryer. If that is the case, then it is high time that your blow dryer needs some service repair, especially when you use it daily. Not making checks on your blow dryer leads to its breakdown of it and also jeopardizes your safety. At the same time, the blow dryer may catch on fair if the inner machinery of it is not working properly.

5. Be Cautious About Where You Use It

It is recommended by the majority of people that blow dryers should not be used in steamy bathrooms as that might cause damage to the motor of the machinery. Using it during extreme winter seasons is also not recommended as that might cause some serious damage.

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6. Handle The Cords With Care

Avoid wrapping the cords around the blow dryer as it puts too much pressure on the fragile cords and leads to breakage from the insides. What you should do rather is make loose loops out of them and then tie them with the help of a hair tie. Even though your dryer may be a low-wattage hair dryer, but still even after it gets damaged, it can pull too much current when plugged and get damaged because of faulty wiring.

7. Keep It Away From Water

The machinery might get damaged if it comes in contact with water. One can get electrocuted, too, if the blow dryer gets too wet.

8. Unplug It After You Use It

The cords of a dryer are very fragile, so you should keep in mind not to get them tangled when you store them away after use. Always make sure to let it cool down and then store it in the correct place.

Frequently Asked Question ! (FAQs):

1. What is the purpose of a blow dryer?

Ans: They are devices that blow out air that is concentrated. They rely on electricity and produce warm air, which is then used to dry out wet hair faster.

2. Does blow-drying hair damage it?

Ans: Applying heat to hair will definitely damage your hair. Hence you should make sure that you are not using it every day. Daily exposure of your hair to such high temperatures will cause frizz and also breakage of hair.

3. What should I use on my hair before using a blow dryer on it?

Ans: Always remember to use a heat protectant on your hair before applying heat to it. Otherwise, your hair will just fry, and this will cause breakage of your hair. Your hair texture will also turn frizzy if you use to heat and style very often on your hair.

To Wrap It Up!

Blow dryers last for too long of a time if proper care is taken of them. Also, an additional tip that I would like to suggest is that – using too much blow dryer on your hair will make your get damaged.