Best treatment for vitamin C deficiency

All we need to know is that the vitamins we take are only 50% absorbed in the body, and the rest will never get absorbed. When vitamin C is administered through IV, surprisingly, things change. Vitamin mixtures can bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream directly. To conquer this fact, Call Doctor gives you the best IV therapy in Dubai to meet your body’s nutritional needs.  

Why is vitamin C crucial?  

Plays a significant part in the immune system and acts as a potent antioxidant to prevent damage caused by free radicals. Is water-soluble required for the body tissues’ growth, development, and repair.  

Promotes iron absorption from the gut, lowering the risk of iron deficiency.  

Because vitamin C is not stored in the body, we must consume vitamin C-enriched foods daily to maintain adequate levels. Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin C.  

Vitamin C therapy, a booster for the immune system  

Being a vital micronutrient, it helps your body’s adaptive systems support various cellular processes that strengthen your immunological defense system. As an antioxidant, it also combats the body’s free radicals, reducing inflammation and enhancing immunity.  

Act as a barrier and maintain the health of your skin and provides it the ability to protect your body from toxic substances.  

Some studies show that vitamin C may shorten the length of flu. Moreover, it boosts white blood cell cytokines production and prevents several types of T-lymphocytes from dying through apoptosis.  

Vitamin C IV therapy can also increase the susceptibility of bacterial membranes to some antibiotics.  

Is IV therapy safe? Definitely “yes” because above 80% of patients receive treatment through IV infusion therapy. It is considered a routine procedure like other medical treatments with a high effectiveness rate. Call Doctor offers the best IV therapy at home in Dubai with no complications. 

What is IV therapy? 

IV therapy transfers the fluids, medication, nutrition, or blood directly into a patient’s system through veins. It makes possible the fastest delivery of essential fluids with incredible effectiveness. 

Intravenous therapy includes a tiny plastic cannula with a needle that goes into the vein, and plastic tubing joins the bag full of fluids. Your healthcare provider tells you which IV therapy in Dubai suits you and how it works. 

Why do we use IV therapy?  

Several conditions require IV therapy, such as: 

IV therapy for dehydration 

We lose water daily in the form of breathing, sweating, or in extra body fluids. Moreover, we spend half of our time in sun exposure, which tends to dehydrate us. Therefore, intravenous therapy is a good option. Acquiring an IV for dehydration is the quickest way to restore fluids in the body. 

During surgery 

Intravenous therapy is a critical component in surgical treatments. Medical staff prefers IV therapy to administer medications, fluids, anesthesia, and antibiotics.  

There is an immediate need for an IV during surgery.  

Not in hospitals but in clinics, also able to use IV fluids into the patient’s bloodstream. 

IV therapy for nutrient deficiency 

Receiving nutritional fluids through IV can benefit those unable to meet their dietary needs. These patients have a poor digestive system that doesn’t allow direct nutrient absorption or suffer from gastrointestinal disorders such as bowl’s syndrome and dysphagia or other eating disorders. 

Administration of medicines through IV therapy 

Intravenous therapy is preferred in chemotherapy sessions and blood transfusions that need potent medicines. These infusions may occur in a hospital, an outpatient facility, or at home.   

In emergencies 

Instant administering of IV therapy in emergencies. Primary condition in which infusion therapy is needed.  

  • Trauma 
  • Stroke 
  • Overdose 
  • Severe allergic reaction 
  • Heart attack 
  • Poisoning 

IV vitamin C therapy for wellness and health  

In case you’ve ever wondered about all the vital roles it plays in the body. Here are some ways that vitamin C can optimize your health and wellness. Apart from getting vitamin C from the diet, get an extra boost of vitamin C through IV therapy in Dubai.  

Great for skin  

Vitamin C frequently comes to mind when we think about a healthy diet. Along with its trumpeting health benefits, it’s also good for our skin. It brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation by preventing oxidative damage.  

Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, improving skin texture and making skin healthy and youthful.  

Improves Iron absorption  

Iron is a crucial nutrient with several uses. Making red blood cells and distributing oxygen throughout the body depends on it. However, iron absorption can be enhanced by vitamin C. It helps to transform iron that isn’t easy to absorb.  

Stress relaxant  

Those with considerable amounts of vitamin C do not exhibit mental and physical stress symptoms. Furthermore, they return to their health more quickly than those with low blood levels of vitamin C.  

Supports immunity  

White blood cells synthesize, function, and transport are stimulated by vitamin C. Leukocytes control your body against infection. In contrast, antibodies are proteins that combat pathogens that shouldn’t be in your body.  

Benefits of vitamin C IV treatment  

Let’s look at other vital benefits of vitamin C IV infusion.  

 Protects against the aging process  

  • Improves joints problems and maintains bone, cartilage, and teeth health  
  • Repairs damaged blood cells  
  • It helps to lower blood sugar levels  
  • Favors the collagen synthesis  
  • Improves defense mechanism against viruses, bacteria, and other invading agents  
  • Provides an effective anti-cancer treatment  
  • Maintain hydration level  
  • Decreases cholesterol and maintains high blood pressure  
  • Aids in treating allergies and asthma  
  • Give an anti-virial effect to treat COVID-19 and other flu symptoms.  

Access the best IV infusion treatment in Dubai.  

Patients with weak immune systems choose intravenous vitamin therapy to boost their immune systems—contact Call Doctor who offers the best IV therapy in Dubai.