Live Work Space: The Best Place to Be Productive


Do you live in a house with some unused space? A live work space lets you live in an area that doubles as your workspace. If you live in an area where live-work spaces are permitted, this type of living situation gives you the opportunity to live and work in the same place. Live-work spaces can be used by artists, writers, or anyone else who wants to live near their workplace.

Converting Your Home into a Live-Work Space

If converting your home into a live-work space is something you’re thinking about, follow these 3 easy steps:

  • clear out any unwanted items,
  • turn any nonliving rooms (bathrooms, hallways) into livable areas (bedrooms), and
  • Live and work in your live-work space.

Clear Out Items

Before you live and work in the same space, it’s a good idea to clear out any unwanted items. This will make your live-work space feel more spacious. In addition, clearing out items will help you start thinking about living in a live-work space instead of just working from home.

Turn Nonliving Rooms into Livable Spaces

If you have an unused room that isn’t currently being used as part of the main living area, turn this room into a bedroom so you can live and work in your live-work space full time. By converting a nonliving room into a livable space, you can take advantage of having extra rooms to live in without having to live in an apartment.

Live and Work in Your Space

After you’ve cleared out any unwanted items and turned nonliving rooms into livable spaces, it’s time to live and work in your live-work space! If you feel like having guests or family members stay with you, don’t be afraid to ask them to live with you; if they’re visiting anyway, asking them to help pay rent may not seem like such a bad idea. Doing this will make living in your live work space full time much easier. Never let anyone tell you that live-work spaces are only for artists. — Live-work spaces can be used by anyone who wants to live near their work while taking advantage of extra rooms. They wouldn’t normally live in.

Benefits of converting your home into live work space

Many people are converting their homes into live work space because of the benefits it offers. A home office is always beneficial for those who have to work from home. But there are other reasons you might want to consider turning your home into a live/work space. Here are 9 benefits of doing so:

1.  You can increase the value of your property

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, then making it into a live/work space will increase its value. Real estate agents will tell you that turning an old garage or workshop into living quarters is one of the easiest ways to give any house extra value before putting it on the market. Plus, if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, this will give you a huge amount of extra space at very little cost.

2.  More money for renovations

Who doesn’t like renovations? While it’s not wise to sink all your money into them, turning part of your home into live/work space is one of the most cost-effective ways to get more value out of your house. You can do the bare minimum and just turn an old bedroom into a home office, or you can go all out and turn half of your existing living room into a shop filled with workbenches and tools. Either way, this will give you more than enough extra cash to play around with when doing renovations on rooms that are already built.

3.  Increased privacy

Living in an apartment isn’t for everyone, but sometimes you can’t find anything affordable enough to move into. If your home is attached to other living spaces like yours, converting it into a live/work space will give you more privacy than you ever thought possible. No longer will shops be fighting for head-space with your bathroom; now each room of the house can be used completely separately from one another.

4.  Your home becomes multi-functional

When was the last time that all 16 of your family members got together? Your dining room table isn’t big enough and your formal living room only has seating for 5, so what do you do when your brother’s girlfriend wants to come over? When half of your garage is converted into a workshop and you’ve got a second garage attached to the back of your house, you can turn that space into a party room whenever you need it. Plus, this means that any awkward moments between relative strangers will be kept at a minimum, which is always beneficial for home life.

5.  Your stress level decreases

Of all the benefits to converting your home into live/work space, this is one of the biggest. Those who work from home constantly complain about how stressful their job is because they have no separation between where they sleep and where they work. This leads to less sleep and more stress as those who are working from home cannot completely shut off their professional lives even when they’re not in the office. By making your house into live work space, you’ll eliminate the stress. That comes with working at home without any of the benefits.

6.  You save money on gas

Getting up early every day to drive to work is something that most people dread; not only does it eat into your free time, but it can be an utterly frustrating part of anyone’s commute. By making your house into live work space, you’ll eliminate the need to commute to work every day because one of those rooms will now serve as both your bedroom and office. This means that whoever is living in this converted room will have more money left over each month for other important things.

7.  You increase social interaction

While converting your home into a live work space might make it impossible for you to witness the social interaction between your family members. It will make it much easier for you to interact with other people in your field. There’s something about having a space dedicated purely to working that increases motivation. And gets us excited about what we’re doing; and when you can see your friends and loved ones in another room, this only becomes truer.

8.  Your quality of life improves

When we work from home, we often find ourselves wishing that we had some kind of separation between our professional lives and our personal lives. This is why many people who enjoy their job choose to rent an office so they don’t have to engage with anyone outside of work hours; but when you convert part of your house into live/workspace, you will eliminate this urge and increase your overall happiness.

9.  You’ll have a ton of fun!

The best part about converting your home into a live/workspace is that it puts everyone in the family to work. This makes for countless opportunities for bonding between all members of the household, which is great. It’s because no one wants to be around relatives who never speak to each other or interact with one another.

Stop putting off living the dream and convert some rooms so you can start being an entrepreneur today!