5 Benefits of Video Game Translation

Video Game Translation

Have you ever played a video game in another language and wished it was translated into your own language? If so, you are not the only one to play a game in a foreign language. The video game market is a multimillion-dollar industry. It is rapidly expanding, thanks to the wide usage of the internet and mobile. 

The video game market is now a global one. The United States is no longer the leader in the video game industry. In 2020, China became the world leader in the video game industry, with a revenue of $44 billion. This is followed by the USA, with a revenue of $42 billion. As mobile game players continue to increase, the adoption of video games is likely to accelerate in the future. Considering this increase in the popularity of video games, it is no surprise that people want translated versions of their video games. And this is where video gaming translation will be required. 

But what are the benefits of video game localization and translation? Here are some reasons why video game translation is so important.

The Benefits of Video Game Translation

The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are undoubtedly leaders of the video game industry. Although China is fast emerging as a lucrative market for video games, various English-speaking countries in Europe are adopting means to translate the video games of their companies. Here are the reasons why video game translation can lend enormous benefits to these companies.

Gives Access to New Markets

Translating your games into new languages gives the biggest advantage of access to new markets. When you take your video games to international platforms, you stand a better chance of making it big in new markets. The reason is that as you step into the new market with your translated game, you take a bit of your culture with you as well. The translated video games are likely to strike a chord with the target audience. It gives them something they have not experienced before. Translating your video games with the help of professional translation services will allow you to explore new markets with your video games. 

Increases Revenue and App Store Rankings

As you enter new markets with your translated video games, your revenues are likely to increase as well. According to estimates, video games are the most important means to engage your audience. If your games are not translated, you may risk losing potential sales in foreign markets. As more people play your video games, your sales will increase substantially.

Translating video games also increases your video game rankings on the app store. If your games are translated into multiple languages, more people will download them from the app store. This will automatically take the ranking of your games higher. Although app translation services will still be required alongside video game translation, a translated version of your video game is likely to garner more downloads. 

Adds Global Market to your Portfolio

According to statistics, there are currently 2.7 billion game players across the world. Limiting your markets to just one region can potentially harm your sales. This is because the global market is a lucrative opportunity for your video games to grow. 

Video game translation adds a global market to your portfolio, as it is likely to attract a greater number of players. Suppose you want to create an appeal for your video games in the Chinese market. Translating your games into Chinese can make this appeal achievable. Moreover, it will also ensure that the Chinese customer downloads and plays your game. 

Helps you Stay Ahead of the Competition

When you get down to increasing your video game players base, you will realize that there are many competitors in the market fighting for a larger share of the market. The reason is that as video game players demand improved versions of games, competition among game developers also increases. Translation and localization of games ensure you stay ahead of this competition by providing players with some unique offerings. 

Suppose you want to capture the Japanese market with your video games, but your games are only present in the English language. Consider the opportunities you may be missing out on if you do not translate the video games into Japanese. In the meantime, a competitor can get ahead of you by translating its games into the Japanese language, possibly surpassing your target sales. 

Allows More Game Players to Experience Unique Offerings

If you are a video game developer, you may understand the importance of offering something unique to your customers. Aside from increasing revenues, games are developed simply to provide entertainment to game players, irrespective of the language they speak.

A translated version of your video games allows more players to experience your unique offerings. By translating your games into multiple languages, you stand a better chance of taking your unique advantage to global players. Since your game is no longer confined to a single region, more people can enjoy the unique features of your games without any language barriers.

Key Takeaway

The digital world of today is a hotbed of opportunities for video game developers. As competition increases and global players demand better game features, translating your games into multiple languages has become a necessity. This translation is easier to achieve with the help of professional video game translation companies who understand the preferences of global markets. In short, translating your video games can potentially open doors of opportunities for your business that may take you to new heights of global acclaim and success.