Behlen Country Watering Systems

Behlen Country Watering Systems

Behlen Country is a company that specializes in watering systems, round pen and corral panels, and stock tanks. These products are primarily used for livestock but are also useful in other applications.

Round pen and corral panels

Behlen Country offers round pen and corral panels that are sturdy and reliable. Its products are sold only through authorized dealers. They’re made of durable, galvanized steel and come with full bake polyester powder coat finishes that provide a long-lasting barrier against the elements. These panels are built to withstand the roughest outdoor conditions, so you can trust them to keep your animals safe and sound.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty corral panel, consider the XT model. It features chain connectors that create a strong barrier, and also has an extra 18 inches of clearance between the bottom rail and the ground. This makes the XT corral panel ideal for training horses in round pens. The design is also more streamlined than the Horse Country Panel, making it easier to maneuver around and control.

Another option is the CountyLine Corral Panel. It has smooth, steel rods that are connected by special J-shaped legs. It has a fast-pin latch system, and its saddle joints are welded continuously to create a durable, secure barrier for your livestock.

For a more budget-friendly alternative, the 5-Rail AG Panel is a great option for gentle colts. This 54-inch-tall panel is built to withstand a variety of conditions. And if you’re considering installing a round pen, check out the Portable Corral Panel, which has an attractive red powder coat finish.

Watering systems

If you’re in the market for a watering system, check out the Behlen country line of products. These watering systems are designed to be dependable and able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

One of the newest is the Guardian(tm) by Behlen Country, a system that monitors your stock tank and alerts you to when the tank is low on water. This is one of the best ways to ensure your livestock are always hydrated. It also uses the least “hands on” method of watering your livestock.

The Behlen Country EF-4C energy free waterer uses foam insulation to keep your water at a constant room temperature. It features a float ball that provides a streamlined drinking experience for your small animals. With a 165 gallon capacity, this is a great way to keep your livestock happy and healthy.

The Behlen country line of products are only sold through authorized dealers. They have a wide range of products including the aforementioned EF-4C energy free waterer. Their products are also made to withstand the rough and tumble of the farm and ranch lifestyle. To see some of the best Behlen Country products for yourself, check out their website. They carry an excellent line of products in both small and large quantities.


Knape and Vogt Sales has been a major player in the functional hardware market since the 1920s. The company’s products are used in high-quality kitchen cabinetry and store displays. They sell to retail customers, as well as to specialty distributors. Their main product lines are drawer slides and shelving support systems.

In 1898, Knape and Vogt Manufacturing Company was founded by John Knape and his brother-in-law, Englebert Vogt. They produced adjustable shelving hardware for storing display fixtures. This product line expanded to include the sale of other store-related items.

Research and development efforts

Knape & Vogt has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of storage and display products for both commercial and residential use. The company has several manufacturing facilities across North America. It also distributes its products to other manufacturers.

One of the company’s more innovative efforts was their product development. In the late 1980s, the company began heavily investing in this area. They branched out into new items that could be manufactured using existing equipment. This led to a spike in sales. Eventually, the company restructured into four product lines.

Retail offerings

Knape & Vogt is a reputable brand name that produces shelving and storage products. The company manufactures and sells hardware products to retail stores and manufacturers. In addition, it has an extensive product line encompassing both store display items and ready-to-assemble furniture.

As a result of its successful manufacturing and distribution efforts, the company has gained a strong presence in the home center market. However, the decline of the do-it-yourself market during the 1990s slowed down the company’s growth. This led to a major overhaul in the way Knape&Vogt develops and markets its products.

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Reorganization of product lines

The company Knape and Vogt is a major player in the storage hardware industry. They manufacture storage-related components such as drawer slides, store display hardware, and shelving systems. Its main operations are in Grand Rapids, MI. However, they also have manufacturing sites in Canada and North America.

The history of Knape and Vogt goes back to the founding of the company in 1898 by John Knape and Englebert Vogt. Their brother-in-law, a German, was a bike designer. As the company grew, it added other products.

During World War II, the plant in Grand Rapids contributed to the manufacture of glider wings. In addition, the plant produced shell casings.

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