Important Piggyback Forklifts Operator Skills

Nowadays, the world is becoming digital, and the e-commerce industry has opened new horizons for people. With growing e-commerce, the warehouses and shipping centres like ports are also on the rise to meet the demands and supply needs of a client. If you want your industry and warehouse to be successful, you need to get trained staff and operators with expertise in the required field. A good team can handle the material effortlessly and transport goods and products efficiently. An ordinary driver cannot drive trucks and forklifts. It can only be done by an experienced operator who has developed skills and knows how to make the job easy. The more training your staff has, the more competent they will be in their work. Before hiring a driver, ensure he has the enthusiasm you are looking for. You can test him and see if he can drive a forklift. If not, it is your responsibility to train him. Bobby Park is the best company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, that deals in Piggyback Forklifts. They examine a few skills the forklift operator must possess. 

Must-Have Skills Of A Forklift Operator

Adaptability and Thinking Skills

The first thing an operator does when he starts his shift is to examine the forklift and load and unload a lot of heavy material throughout the day. He must remember that there are other moving vehicles and people in the warehouse. They work in a dynamic environment where everything needs to be maneuvered. The situations will not be consistent in their favour, and they must be ready for various changes. Therefore, the operators must be adaptable to changes to complete tasks quickly while maintaining efficiency and safety.

Understanding And Training

Before hiring a forklift driver, ensure that he has the required training and a certificate of operating a forklift. It may not seem like a significant thing to do because many people think that an ordinary driver can drive a forklift. However, that is untrue. You must have a license, extensive training, skills, and understanding to operate piggyback forklifts. A forklift operator must know how to avoid all the hurdles and obstacles like pallet racking, other workers, and vehicles. They must be familiar with everything in a forklift to operate it non-stop. They must be skilled and knowledgeable in case of any damage to repair the forklift in emergencies.  

Communication Skills

A forklift operator must be good at communicating. He must be able to talk to other people and workers to keep them safe. It might also be possible that he needs his fellow employees to help with the lifting. You must tell your fellow workers if they should be aside to avoid material and product damage and injury. An operator is required to communicate clearly so that the chances of fatality can be reduced. In industries and warehouses, there is no chance of miscommunication and misleading. A minor mistake can lead to an immense impairment. Most industries buy used forklifts for sale, and can’t afford any mishap. 


A forklift loads and unloads heavy materials, and it is complex to handle this load every day. An operator has to be patient while doing the task. When you lift the materials, you need to balance and stabilize the forklift. An operator shouldn’t drive fast with heavy loads because it will disrupt the balance. A piggyback forklift can also tip over if a driver is not careful. An operator must wait patiently until other drivers and employees are done with their work. They must start their work when it’s safe to proceed. 


An operator must have an eye for safety because a forklift carries a huge weight. You don’t want your forklift damaged. No matter which forklift you buy, a brand-new or a used piggyback forklift, it comes with a cost, and you must take value out of it. A minor carelessness and one false move can put to in a bad situation. Therefore, you must know all the threats and hazards in your way to overcoming them with mindfulness. 

Math Skills

An operator must have correct and basic maths skills to be vigilant. He must know how to calculate the weight of the load he carries. They also need to calculate freight costs. 

Last Words!

Before hiring an operator, interview all the people you think possess the skills to be your piggyback forklift operator. If you have hired a driver but think he lacks some skills, it is your job to ensure that he trains well. A skilled driver ensures the efficiency and productivity of your work. He also guarantees the safety of materials, vehicles, products and people. If you have any questions regarding a forklift or need to get it repaired in case of any damage, you may contact the best company in Alabama. They provide premium services with top-notch forklift parts. They also offer guidance where necessary. 

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