All Types Of Abaya For Modern Look

abaya types

Abayas are a typical closet staple for the vast majority of Muslim ladies, however there are many sorts to look over you might be considering what the thing that matters is between these abayas, or what style would turn out best for your shape.

The abaya is a free, long-sleeved dress that tumbles to essentially mid-calf to cover all that from shoulders to toes. It likewise has an opening at the top for your head and as a rule has a cut on one side of the piece of clothing so you can undoubtedly stroll around without stumbling over it. Some even have buttons that are nearby in front.

What’s not to cherish about evaluating recent trends and making the most out of the garments you wear? Get somewhat inventive with your outfits and you won’t ever think twice about it. Besides, it is such a lot of enjoyable to think of new searches for various events.

Types of Abayas

This blog entry will go over the different sorts of abaya and how to track down an unobtrusive one that addresses your issues!

Batwing Abaya

This is the standard abaya in the Bay district. It has two sleeves that reach out to cover the entire upper arm. This style is exceptionally flexible as it very well may be worn with pants/pants for an easygoing look or with formal wear for a more exquisite feel.

Exemplary Abaya

This is one of the most well-known sorts of abaya in the Bedouin world. It comes in various varieties and examples and joins shalwar pants (a long, baggy skirt worn over a lower leg length pant) with headscarves.

Full Abaya

A full abaya covers all of your body from head to toe, so there’s no such thing as “skin appearing”. Full abayas can be made of thicker textures like shear and throw a tantrum, though the batwing abaya, for instance, is more fitted.

Maxi Abaya

The maxi abaya is worn by ladies who need to cover plenty of their bodies without wearing a full abaya. It covers the top portion of your body but not your feet, so you can wear this with level or high-obeyed shoes. This is ideal for somebody who needs to cover her hair yet at the same time look trendy!

Sheer Abaya

Sheer abayas are exceptionally exquisite and tasteful. They are made of flimsy textures and either has a plunging neck area or a high neck area. These abayas work out positively for a maxi dress or pants. The sheer abaya permits you to show your shoulders and lower back, which winds up making you look slimmer.

Weaved Abaya

This kind of abaya is made of more splendid varieties, however it is still extremely moderate since it covers your entire body. These kinds of abayas can be worn by all kinds of people.

Batwing Beaded Abaya

This abaya has various plans and tones, like ribbon and examples. Notwithstanding the batwing sleeves, it likewise has beaded borders which make it extra tasteful. A few abayas incorporate coordinating headscarves so you can coordinate your abaya with your different outfits. This style is ideally suited for a night out in the area!

Potrait Abaya

This kind of abaya is made with a long, luxurious metallic texture that wraps delightfully over your body making an exceptionally rich look. This abaya is more reasonable for formal events, for example, a night party or a wedding. It works out in a good way for wide-legged pants and heels.

Beaded Abaya

This kind of abaya is likewise produced using metallic or silk texture, which has wonderful dabs sewn onto it. This style has pretty plans on the sleeves and neck area which makes it significantly more astounding than the customary batwing abaya. You can wear this with a dress or pants.

Printed Abaya

This kind of abaya is made of silk fabric and is exceptionally splendid in variety. It is typically white or dark, however now and then it will be comprised of a blend of varieties (like red and green) or even examples (for instance, bloom prints). This sort of abaya works out in a good way for flower dresses and tights.

Square shape

The square shape is a body type in which the bust, shoulders, and hips are similar widths. Ladies with this body type have a touch of midriff definition.

In the event that you have a square shape, you can wear basically anything. In any case, since your shoulders and hips are comparable in size, you need to pick styles that separation the square shape at the midsection with a belt.


The round shape is otherwise called the apple body type. Individuals with this shape have a greater bust and tight hips with no characterized waistline. They commonly have a more full midriff.

For round body types, try not to cause to notice your abdomen. You really want to keep an equilibrium, so it is ideal to settle on an abaya style that features your shoulders and adds completion to the lower part of the dress.


Otherwise called the pear shape, this body type includes wide hips and limited busts and shoulders. Ladies with a pear shape regularly have thin arms and full thighs.

Unobtrusive dressing for pear body types is tied in with limiting your hips. On the off chance that you have a pear shape, you need to feature your shoulders and distract from your midriff and thighs. In this way, attract concentration to your chest area with accentuation on your sleeves in view of your thin arms. You will require an abaya with sleeves that flare out from the elbows.


An individual with an hourglass shape is thought of as stunning. This body type comprises of equivalent estimations of the bust and hips with a small and clear cut midsection.

Assuming you have an hourglass figure, your midriff is what you need to feature while picking an abaya style. Follow your shape and get abayas with a clamped waistline or with a belt.


Abayas have forever been an extremely well-known piece of our style in spite of the way that certain individuals grumble that they are prohibitive. I for one think that abayas are not prohibitive by any means and might actually cause us to feel sure and glitzy.

The various kinds of abayas permit us to be more inventive and play around with our outfits. There are likewise its styles and varieties to suit each sort of individual out there!