Air Bar Box Vape | Critically Reviewed For Novices

Air Bar disposables have dominated the vaping industry for years, and one reason for their dominance is the company’s ability to surprise us with each new iteration. Both newcomers to vaping and seasoned pros may appreciate the fact that the designers of the ultimate Air Bar Box Vape managed to include some valuable extras without sacrificing the vaping experience. The Suorin firm, makers of the Air Bar disposables, has made a name for themselves in the luxury vaping device market with a wide selection of products that guarantee longevity and come with incredible tastes. This post will discuss everything about these products to help the users in purchasing them. Keep reading!

Design & Build Quality

There are no buttons or other controls on the Air Bar Box since it is meant to be used with a single pull. However, the vape’s compact form makes it easy to carry along. And you can easily slip it into whatever bag you have. It’s convenient to use the vape because of the long mouthpiece that protrudes from the top. There is a sleek groove in the midst of its wavy exterior.

Due to the high nicotine level of e-juice, it is recommended that mouth-to-lung vapers refrain from using the product. Good clouds are being formed. However, despite the Air Bar Box’s large battery and e-juice capacity, the resistance is not sub-ohm, as would be anticipated from a throwaway.

The vape is a draw-activated disposable, making its use a breeze. Once you’ve removed it from its container, you may begin vaping immediately. The device’s status and battery life are shown by a single LED located on its underside. There’s a wide range of fruity, sweet, beverage, and tart tastes to choose from, and they’re all memorable in their own way.

How Long Does it Last?

Mesh coil technology is a huge improvement for Suorin disposables since it doesn’t change the device’s aesthetics but makes it much more robust, long-lasting, and, of course, wonderfully tasty. No more worrying about scorched or boring flavors, or whether the new Air Bar Box will leak or break. 

We also want to highlight that the disposables have 50mg of nicotine salt nic, which is crafted from only the finest components before we get to the part that most of you are anticipating the most. Both the Air Bar Disposable Vapes with 3000 and 5000 puffs are great to enjoy vaping.

However, the puff count longevity also depends on how frequently vape. 

What Do They Taste Like?

Suorin is well-known for offering a diverse array of flavors, the majority of which are fruit-based. If you’re in the market for a disposable that’ll help you stay cool and cheery on the warmest of days, you’re sure to discover the right blend of flavors there. It’s possible to find a disposable that suits your tastes, whether you favor the more standard Strawberry Kiwi, Mixed Berries, or Orange Juice flavors, or are in the mood for something more exotic like Cranberry Grape, Cherry Lemon, or Strawberry Mango.

Sour Apple Ice, Watermelon Apple Ice, and Grape Ice are just a few of the many fascinating and tasty chilly and fruity mixtures available. Vitamin Water (Vitamin water and Lime), Kiwi Shake (kiwi and milkshake), and Pineapple Shake are three limited editions for taste connoisseurs (pineapple and milkshake). We recommend Monster Ice (Green Monster Energy Drink with menthol) and Chilly Mint to individuals who want a fantastic, refreshing hit with each inhale (intense and clean Mint).

The Bottom Line 

After reading out the whole review carefully, you must be familiar with the flavors and technology used in the Air Bar Box Vape device. It’s all about choosing which flavor you like the most and wanting to add some fun to a hectic life.