A Complete Guide About AngularJS!

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Everything is liable to evolve, and so are the programming languages! Either it is to eliminate an error or it is  AngularJS is one of those technologies that has paved the pitch for upcoming tech revolutions. To cope with the dynamic needs, it has been upgraded with each version’s launch. 

To explore much about this innovation and the kind of talent you should recruit, you must wade down this article stating why should you hire Angularjs programmers.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source programming language, this JS-based framework has structured multiple single-page sites and apps including Netflix.

Its dynamic nature and scalability percentage make it preferable among developers. Besides, this front-end program also helps try new ways of developing apps. 

This framework has been developed by Google that can also be used to create high-end business sites. Depending upon the requirement of your project, you can hire angular js developer that can cater to them well. Unlike Angular which is powered by Typescript, AngularJS is based on Javascript which means it possesses some more features than its former version. 

Features of AngularJS

Following are some of the features of Angularjs that can underpin the creation of any multidimensional single-page application only by a professional angular developer.

MVC Patterned Web Development

MVC stands for model view controller model which is a framework used for building most sites. If you want a functional and dynamic website, AngularJS won’t fail you. 

The MVC pattern enables angularjs programmers to develop highly functional and dynamic sites. Not just that but it includes the maintenance of data, interpretation, and validation. 


The amalgamation of the HTML user interface in angular has made it easier to code, and edit, and its lightweight nature make it usable for multiple purposes. This wide markup language can also be used for free and can be downloaded easily. 

The most significant thing about angularjs having HTML UI is that its attributes cut shorts the coding process. 

Reusable Codes

Writing new codes each time is a perilous task, isn’t it? But, you need not worry about it being an angularjs developer you might not face this situation! So, if you are planning to expedite your business or the completion of your project, it would be imperative to hire angularjs experts that can cater to your needs well. 

The reason is that they would write a code once and will use it for different other projects which will make the process less time taking and hectic. 

Convenient Routing 

As well know that single-page applications do not require any redirections, hence it makes routing convenient. The best part about it is that you can specify different URLs for each content on your website and make it dynamic. 

The built-in injection systems make it possible by reducing the server load and making an app’s performance better. 

Automated Data Binding

Data binding involves data synchronization of the model and view, and it is a two-way interaction as they reflect data changes. This process links your typescript to the page that your viewers see. 

Due to this impeccable feature of this technology, the angular js programmers don’t feel overburdened as this upgradation of model and view is an automated process. Apart from its other benefits, this innovation has enhanced the scalability and functionality of the apps and sites. 

Pros and Cons of Angular programmers

Everything that exists in this world has both positive as well as negative aspects. When it comes to choosing a programming technology one looks for the elements that match the project requirement. 

Therefore, these are some of the pros and cons of angularjs that you can consider depending on your project. 

Pros of AngularJS

  1. Angular js developers do not need to write codes from scratch each time.
  2. It supports two-way data binding which makes it easier to build templates and connect multiple components to them.
  3. Two-way data binding improves functionality.
  4. Allow angularjs programmers to develop and design dynamic apps and sites. 
  5. Enables instant and continuous synchronization between model and view. 
  6. HTML user interface provides better user experience with captivating designs. 
  7. It lessens the effort and time consumed by the coding process. 
  8. Constant upgradation of errors reduce the chances of errors. 
  9. Improved routing that makes static one-page sites and apps dynamic. 
  10. Angular developers get access to multiple high-end tools. 

Cons of AngularJS

  1. AngularJS cannot function without Javascript support.
  2. The scope of documentation is confined which can make learning difficult.
  3. Angular js developers must have an experience in MVC models.
  4. If you want to hire angularjs programmers, make sure they are well aware of its injections, dependencies, and factories. 
  5. Debugging scopes in angularjs can be a difficult task if you are a beginner. 
  6. Deactivation of javascript anytime during the process will make everything invisible. 
  7. Server-side authentication is mandatory to guarantee the security of your application. 


Besides the hype of JavaScript, Google has launched a new platform named AngularJS for one-page apps. Unlike traditional angular, this version is powered by JS and you need to hire a professional angular js programmer to provide the complete advantage of its features. An ideal approach to choosing the best that can suit your needs it to go through this blog that states all you need to know about angularjs.