8 Best Home Improvements to Do This Summer


As a result of the many home improvements made in response to the pandemic, there has been an increase in investment in home repairs. Expenditures on construction and renovation have gone up. When remote work and education became more common, homeowners realized they required additional space in their homes.

This year’s most popular home improvements project will include new roofs, siding, windows, and other systems. Exterior renovations, such as those necessitated by weather damage or vandalism, will be among the most idealistic renovations. Keep reading if you’re curious about which do-it-yourself home improvement projects the pros think will be the most popular next year.

1. Contemporary Floor Coverings

Prioritize value-adding maintenance in 2023. In 2022, new flooring was often installed during improvements. Adding hardwood flooring to your home might increase its value by as much as 2.5%.

In 2022, driftwood tones and medium browns were very trendy. Here are the most talked about developments in flooring design for 2023:

  • Hardwood floors ruined by smoke
  • Distressed forests
  • Patterned herringbone floors
  • Barnwood-inspired floor tiles; raw, unpolished wood tones

2. Enhancing Productivity with a New Home Office

Re-entrants to the workforce and those who have accepted more flexible work arrangements might benefit from having a well-equipped home office. During the pandemic, many people struggled to find a quiet place to work or study at home. According to Houzz, interest in having an office at home increased by 108% between 2017 and 2022.

More and more households are repurposing spare rooms or even constructing outdoor spaces to use as offices and multifunctional study areas for their kids.

3. Set Up Kitchens Outside

After being quarantined indoors for so long due to the epidemic, people worldwide long to breathe some fresh air again. The number of people who said they wanted outdoor space increased from 61% in 2021 to 71% in 2022. It looks that 2023 will continue in the same successful spirit as the years before it. Several people in 2023 will be engaged in indoor-outdoor refurbishment projects.

It isn’t as easy as just picking up a grill and throwing a party in the backyard. A kitchen that is constructed outside the main house and used for cooking is called an outdoor kitchen.

4. Bathroom Needs Some Upgrades

Depending on how ambitious you feel, you can handle a few things on your own. The primary object you should do is get a new bathtub, toilet, and sink/vanity for the bathroom. If you want to boost your home’s resale value and enjoy better showers, all you have to do is replace the showerhead. You can receive a decent return on investment without completely remodeling other parts of your house.

5. Outdoor and Naturalistic Pursuits

There has been an upsurge in the admiration of home improvements that allow for more interaction between the interior and exterior spaces, such as the installation of new windows, doors, or wall glazing. Glass is increasingly being used to replace other building materials, including windows, doors, and even entire walls. Those who wish to feel more connected to nature inside their homes often opt for skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Substantial investment is required to complete pricey improvements like glass wall installation and window replacement. Moreover, Posada says, “As we look ahead to 2022, we’re noticing an increase in requests and projects integrating glass as the principal material.”

6. Promote Wellness Design

Homeowners may improve their health and well-being with the help of multipurpose rooms, outdoor spaces, and state-of-the-art facilities. Preferences of health-conscious consumers will have a major impact on the home renovation industry.

Because of the increased worry for their families’ health due to the pandemic, many people are opting to install air filtration systems, antimicrobial materials, and purification devices in their houses’ HVAC systems. There is hope that by 2023, bamboo and cork flooring, recycled steel sidings, and Glass will all be readily available to the general public. Windows, lighting, security, and home automation systems will all be state-of-the-art in the smart house of the future.

7. Renovating the Yard and House

The average cost to upgrade a porch, deck, patio, or terrace in a single-family house was $8,408. People are eager to propel the development of such house enhancements so that they may spend more time in nature.

Constructing a new house is a major renovation project for any homeowner. A structure between 500 and 800 square feet can be no more than one thousand square feet. The attached dwelling units (ADUs) are supplementary residences that can be constructed on a similar lot as the principal residence.

8. Post-Disaster Repairs

One-fourth of American households expect to spend more on catastrophic repairs due to climate-related calamities. The national average for disaster-prevention home modifications is $300, but in hard-hit locations such as Houston, Dallas, and Miami, the cost might range from $600 to $2,300. At last, a renovation project puts the tenants’ safety, and well-being ahead of the home’s outside appeal.

Concluding Remarks

There has been an increase in the number of homes built in vulnerable areas, and the frequency and intensity of storms have also increased. In 2013, funding for infrastructure improvements, including roads, fences, sheds, and landscaping, increased by 25%. Those with higher disposable income are more likely to invest in items like home improvement and emergency supplies. In hurricane and storm-prone locations, it is usual to fortify buildings with flood-proof windows and sea walls.

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