5 Sustainable Methods of Soil Disposal 

Landscaping or gardening projects require topsoil, and you may end up buying extra loads of it. So, when it comes to soil disposal in Melbourne, you need to be extra cautious about it. You just can’t think of disposing of it anywhere, not even in the woods or somewhere you think it’s harmless. There are environmental implications of disposing of soil unmindfully. You need to separate the waste from the soil, especially contaminating materials.

Reasons for Soil Removal

There are various reasons for soil removal in Melbourne –

  • Landscaping a backyard
  • Driveway replacement
  • Making of a kitchen garden
  • Holes for fence posts
  • Trenches for new pipes
  • Deep ground excavations
  • Hill cut for roads
  • Building sites
  • Making or extending your garden
  • New gate installation

Methods of Soil Removal

No job is complete until you properly dispose of the debris and the excavated materials. The soil disposal may differ depending on the risk profiles of the soils because every soil isn’t the same. All this is mandatory as soil disposal in Melbourne has legal repercussions, as getting rid of it without proper documentation and procedure is illegal. 

Here are some tips directing you to get rid of that extra lump of soil easily and effectively.

Reuse for Other Gardening Project

If the amount of soil isn’t a truckload, think of using it for a gardening project. This is the most cost-effective and environment-friendly method of soil disposal in Melbourne. Use it to create  a flowerbed, fill the flower pots, and grow plants to decorate the inside and outside of your house. You can also plan a kitchen garden to enjoy fresh, homegrown veggies, available 24×7 to spice up your lunch and dinner. You can also visit certain sites online for DIY projects like creating an artificial waterfall, creating a small landscape in the living room, and many more. 

Skip Bins 

You can hire skip bins for soil disposal in Melbourne, fill them, and relax. Do the job in your own time and stay tension-free as they take it away at your discretion. With a variety of skip bins to choose from, which one you pick would depend on the amount of soil at hand. Your choice would also depend upon what you need to discard, like bricks, dirt, concrete or green waste along with the soil. The shape or size of the bin also depends upon whether it’s a DIY project or you are using  large machines like a digger or an excavator.

The skip company arranges to drop the skip, pick up the waste soil and dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly manner. Just ensure that the skip company has the required licence for soil disposal in Melbourne. 

What Can Go In a Soil Skip Bin?

  • Branches
  • Weeds
  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Garden pruning
  • Hedge trimmings 

What Can’t Go In a Soil Skip Bin?

  • Chemicals
  • Tires
  • Oil
  • Food
  • Liquid Waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Cement sheets
  • Insulation 
  • Asbestos
  • Paint 
  • Tree Stumps
  • Bottles
  • Gas tanks

All these are not just harmful to the environment but also to the people who have to dispose of them (skip staff). Be very mindful of what you put in the soil skip bin. If unsure of what to put in soil skip bins, contact the team and find out. 

Waste Clearance Services 

Hiring a waste clearance service for soil disposal in Melbourne is another option to get rid of the waste soil without any hassle. They come to your place and collect the waste soil and garden waste, and you just have to keep certain things in mind before hiring any such company. They should:

  • Have the necessary licence or permit.
  • Be a member of some Environment Agency.
  • Be an experienced company.
  • Be a reliable and reputed company.
  • Work speedily and swiftly. 

Advertise locally

If there are no other purposes you can think of, advertise for others to pick it from your place.  What is a waste for you might be someone’s treasure. They might be ready to pay for it per cubic metre, making the rubble profitable for you. All you need to do is spread the word to the local vendors and wait. You can also ask your friends and neighbours in the meantime or search for a buyer on your own. There may be someone in dire need of that extra lump for a landscape project or reconstruction. 

You can even ask the local farmers if it can be of any use to them or ask for some creative ideas on using even low-quality soil. Even better, create a subsoil by adding needed fertilisers to your waste soil, making it useful and productive for potential buyers. 

You can donate it to any of your community’s projects, lend a helping hand, and get a good word for your generosity. 

Contact Environment Agency

If you think your waste soil is contaminated, contact the Environment Agency immediately for proper soil disposal in Melbourne. It may have hazardous chemical substances and would be dangerous to be around. Soils under this category must be disposed of immediately and with a proper procedure to avoid their effects. Never think of getting rid of such waste soil illegally by throwing it off in an empty plot or dumping it in a landfill project; otherwise, you will have to pay off heavy penalties. You would be no less than a criminal, as this means playing with the safety of many. 

Final Thought 

Soil removal in Melbourne is not a difficult task at all. Contact P S Concrete Removal and chillax. We are here for all your queries, doubts, and assistance. Leave the waste soil’s disposal to us and dispose of all worries.