5 Stylish Metal Hangers Your Wardrobe Needs

For many people, hangers play a simple, functional role. To them, all they need is a hanger that will be stable enough to hold their clothes. Many think of metal hangers as simple wires tied together to hold your clothes. Many do not know that aside from the stereotypical aluminum or metal hangers, some metal hangers are very elegant.  

slim wire

However, thinking of hangers in this simplistic way can be a disservice to you. It will keep you from enjoying the stylish and elegant hangers available. What, then, should you do when it comes to metallic hangers?  

Consider the five elaborate metal hangers below to equip your wardrobe with elegant and stylish hangers. 

1. Butler Hangers USA 

If you have been looking for the best metal hangers from one of the most reputable stores in the country, your search has ended. The company provides metal hangers, including triangular hangers, one-tire hangers with clips, multi-tiered hangers, and hangers coated with different colors and shades. They also can be customised as per your needs and area of your wardrobe. The interesting thing about their hangers is the work that goes into preparing them.  

When looking for metal hangers for sale, you want a functional hanger that will keep your clothes in position and aesthetically pleasing. The type of hangers they provide serves both roles. When you look at the metallic hangers, you’ll notice that their clips keep your clothes in position and are also good for holding trousers. Additionally, the styling and the coating they use on their hangers give them the style and elegance that your wardrobe needs. You can check more info by visiting their official website.


2. The Container Store 

Getting quality hangers is not often very easy. You might have to evaluate different types of hangers before you conclude which hangers suit your needs. At The Container Store, there are different types of hangers that you can evaluate in the process of identifying your best one. The company offers different kinds of metal hangers, including chrome hangers, gold or brass hangers, and velvet hangers with a non-slip coating to keep clothes in place. 

Unlike many other companies which sell hangers, The Container Store is notorious for its low prices. Since they sell hangers based on the weight of the hangers, you are likely to receive very many hangers at a discount. Their prices range between $6.99 to $34.99 per kg. This is a steal when you compare it to other vendors in the market. 

3. The Hanger Project 

In many instances, luxury and style go hand in hand. If you are looking for a company that provides luxury hangers imbibed with style and beauty, look no further than the Hanger Project. At the Hanger Project, every hanger is expertly selected and crafted to meet the customer’s needs. The company’s founder distinguishes The Hanger Project from many other companies selling metallic hangers.  

Kirby Allison has been associated with hangers and other similar items for the longest time. Thus, he has the experience to identify quality from inferior products and advise customers on options. Notably, the company also has low-cost hangers with stylish features added. These include varnish, velvet, and clips for functionality and aesthetics. Trying out the Hanger Project products will undoubtedly meet the stylish needs of your wardrobe. 

Silver metal Hangers

4. IKEA 

Everyone knows IKEA by their furniture and other household goods. Aside from the furniture the company provides, they also have a full range of hangers for the needs of all customers. IKEA has a different variety of hangers for other purposes. For instance, the Spruttig and Slibb hangers are extraordinary in appearance and stability. These metallic hangers are key to keeping your clothes in proper stature when in the wardrobe. They also look stylish with their silver color giving them a sparky look of their own.

IKEA is also notorious for low prices associated with high-quality goods. For instance, a pack of 10 hangers goes for around $1.99. Thus, you get many hangers at a meager cost when you use their products. Additionally, the company provides different protocols and services for customer protection, meaning your purchase is guaranteed until it gets to your wardrobe. In simple words, you can return them easily and get exchange or refund.
The only condition the company asks for is that the material should not be used at all. You can check more info by visiting their official website.

5. Hangerworld 

It goes without saying that a company that goes by the name Hangerworld is likely to be an expert in providing stylish hangers for your wardrobe needs. While the company is located in the UK, they have an extensive delivery service catering to all its customers from around the globe.  

The company has different kinds of hangers to suit the specific needs you may have. For instance, if you were looking for hangers for your children’s clothes or XL shirts, you will find them in their catalog. They also have lingerie-specific hangers and elegant metallic hooks for coats, umbrellas, and hangers, all at a low cost. 

Mens Wear Hangers

Wrapping Up 

Getting a hanger requires more than selecting a sturdy and firm hanger. You need to get a hanger that looks good. Remember, how you dress up can make or break your mood for the day. As such, how you arrange the clothes in your wardrobe can determine your outfit and outlook on your day. Get the most stylish metal hangers from the options above and depart from mundane metallic hangers. 

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