The term readability was borrowed from the world of typesetting to describe the effort required to make sense of the letters and words on a page. Times New Roman paragraphs are very readable. The exact section in Edwardian script is almost illegible. Regarding what constitutes good writing, readability is the reader’s essential ability to understand what is written. An easy-to-read work should be grammatically correct, simple in style, and have the necessary knowledge to understand. It requires very little work. The UAE students who are afraid of writing essays always hunt for writers in Dubai who could help them with problematic essay tasks.


When I write about something, I usually have a lot to say about it. To be considered good, you need to frame your ideas meaningfully and logically to appear cohesive. This quality is called the uniformity or flow of the text. Good text flow is more like smooth sailing than a bumpy road. The harmony of all the thoughts that pop into the author’s mind is reflected in their words, and readers love it. The connection of previous reviews with the coming ones is a characteristic that most readers like about content.


Another essential characteristic is connecting with the last feature: unity. Concentration is not only crucial for all writing, but it is also necessary to maintain the flow and cohesion of your notes.

 A Good Writing Develops Gradually

A good text does not bombard the reader with unnecessary information or ideas but focuses entirely on the central idea/plot of the text. It makes it easy for the reader to follow along. You don’t need to reread parts or get bogged down in details to understand the text. The essay that develops at a reasonable pace is easy to understand for readers of all ages.

Good texts always contain a sense of authority, helping readers understand what they are reading about. Essays are good when the author is well-informed about the discussed subject and appears credible. On the other hand, presenting insufficient or inaccurate information can make your work look unattractive and damage your reputation as an author.


Good work requires knowledge of grammar. As an author, you must strictly follow standard English grammar rules. Grammar errors, misspellings, and poor proofreading can negatively affect your readers. Pay close attention to the grammatical correctness of the text. If you need to learn more grammar, you can hire the Best Essay Writer and get the editing and proofreading done by them.

Word Choice

As a writer, you have to know how to use words. English is one of the languages ​​with multiple words for the same idea. Good texts always contain the most appropriate and precise terms. Good word choice contributes significantly to the clarity and readability of your text. The more vocabulary you have, the better piece of content you can develop. The use of a few words repeatedly harms the quality of the content. So, the writers should try to use new words and avoid repeating the exact words.


One trait that every good writer always has is a long-lasting impact on the minds of the readers. A good author knows his targeted audience and writes content that has a powerful impact on the minds of the readers.

Wordiness Is Not Acceptable

Using fewer words is the essential quality that separates good writing from bad. Being concise means avoiding unnecessary words and fillers as they distract the reader. Some people deliberately use unnecessary words. The reader does not like the writers who use different words to complete the word count, as wordiness is the last thing that readers want. In fact, in today’s modern era, people like short and meaningful sentences. Note down unnecessary words does not make you a prominent author but note down quickly and precisely does.

For example, students may use unnecessarily long phrases to increase the word count of their assignments or make their sentences more sophisticated. These lengthy sentences could be better written and should be avoided.

Writing Style

Your writing style makes your work unique and sets you apart from all other writers. Your style plays a significant role in determining whether your writing is good or bad. Style means how you present your text to the reader. Word choice, voice, and fluency all affect your writing style. There are no exact rules for judging good or bad writing styles. However, as a general guideline, a good writing style always reflects the author’s opinion, the reader’s expectations, and the context of the topic.

 Writing Paper

Writing is not just writing; there are different styles of writing that authors must adapt to their style and content. An excellent academic is not necessarily a good short story writer. Similarly, even if you’re good at blogging, you might need more than technical. A person who can write a good novel might need to improve in articles about current societal issues.

All of these different forms have different scopes and requirements. To write a good essay, you must understand these additional requirements and shape your paper according to the format you want.


Lastly, an essential characteristic of good writing is that it is reader-oriented. Knowing your audience and their reading needs and expectations of your essay is vital. Whether your writing is to share opinions, enlighten your readers, or inspire thought. Understanding your audience goes a long way in creating a good composition.

In summary, no hard and fast rules determine excellent or lousy text. The above guidelines are the foundation of good writing. By keeping these guidelines in mind and incorporating them into your paper, you can improve the quality of your essay and significantly impact your readers.